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The importance of having a consistent blogging schedule

One great way to promote a company is through the use of a blog. It allows a company the ability to interact with its customers and promote its services in a more casual environment. If you are charged with maintaining the blog, it is recommended that you keep up a consistent schedule when posting. There are several good reasons for this.

The Readers Want Timely Content

Have you ever visited a site that hadn’t been updated in months, or was behind the curve? What would you think if you went to a company website and the blog hadn’t been updated in weeks? You might think that the company isn’t doing too well, or hasn’t done anything of note recently.

When you decide how frequently you post to your company blog, there are two questions that you need to ask:

  1. Is the information I am posting timely and relevant to the customer
  2. What time of day is the best time to post to maximize traffic

For example, if your company is a surf board maker based in Boston, you might get a lot of traffic from California. This means that you might consider making posts three hours later to adjust for the time difference. 3pm in Boston would be around noon, and lunch time, in California.

Keeping A Regular Schedule Keeps You Focused

Your job is going to demand a lot of things from you. This means having good time management skills is important. Nothing helps your time management better than having a set routine. Knowing that you have a time set aside each day for your web presence will keep you calm and focused.

If your boss considers blogging and social media just another fringe task, you should talk to him about the importance of having a set time to blog and how it will help the company reach new customers.

A Regular Social Presence Will Build Trust In A Brand

If your company isn’t using social media, it is akin to not using a phone 30 years ago. You need to be reaching out to your customers by any means necessary. Social media should be part of any web presence intended to reach new customers.

Interacting with your customers will build trust in a brand because it will allow customers to interact with the company they are giving their money to. It is a lot easier for a customer to believe in a product when they know that ‘Amy’ is behind the product as opposed to some woman in an office.

Social media requires a constant and steady interaction. It also requires being online when everyone else is. Once you figure out the optimal time to respond to Twitter mentions and blog comments, it will make it that much easier to stay in touch with your customers. Don’t alienate customers by ignoring them.

Good Web Presence Makes Google Happy

Your company will want to get as high as it can in search engine results. Did you know that every time your name is mentioned on Twitter that Google tracks it? The more people talk about you, the more of an authority you seem. This will not only get Google to raise your rank in search results, but it will also build up backlinks.

Backlinks also raise your page rank because it goes toward the idea that the top sites should be those that are often times linked to and shared on the web. Who is going to create about buzz about you if all you do is write sporadic blog posts with no interaction or social media promotion?

This All Leads To Making More Money

Keeping your customers up to date and informed on what the company is doing makes your blog an interesting destination. Interacting through social media builds trust and allows the company to connect with its customers on a more personal level. All of the created buzz then leads to a loyal customer base that believes that you are a trusted authority in the industry.

Getting to this level can do wonders for sales. The more traffic that you get to your site, the more money advertisers are going to be willing to pay you. If your business does really way, you can create your own deals with advertisers and charge whatever rates you want.

Combining regular blog posts and social media interaction can make your company an influential figure in your industry. Once people believe your company is the leader in its industry, the market is yours for the taking and all because you put consistent effort into your company blog.

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Jason Corgiat
Jason Corgiat founded LeapGo to be a website development company that offers a consultative approach. “We don’t expect our clients to know everything. They come to us with expectations that we will look out for them and make suggestions based on experience or data. We structure all of our services to create accountability on our part. It’s a refreshing change for most clients when we ask them to hold us at a high standard.” Jason’s experience and ability to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently is what draws people to him. When asked, a recent client stated “Working with Jason has been a great experience. He and his team came in and completely turned around a failing web property of ours. We though it was dead and were about to shut it down but now it’s one of our most profitable websites.” Small business website to corporate ecommerce, local SEO to multi-million dollar digital marketing campaign, Jason has been a part of it all. Since founding his web development company in 2001 Jason has made many public speaking appearances, been on the radio, quoted in several magazines and most recently had a 7 page interview published in a website design book by author Bruce C. Brown.

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