Talk to your existing clients!

Web Design Company

I just got off the phone with a client of 5 years and I feel horrible. I called him because he’s upgrading his hosting account with us and wanted to discuss the specifics. After we got to talking for a while he told me a story of how last year they paid an SEO (search engine optimization) company over $6000 and had nothing to show for it. As he was explaining his situation the pit in my stomach grew. web speed . I felt terrible because I knew we could have saved him from this. We offer search engine optimization services and his all-inclusive SEO campaign wouldn’t have cost him near that much. And I know we could have done a better job. Why on earth didn’t this client, who was a happy website development client and had hosted with us for 5 years call us to at least get a proposal for search engine optimization? He didn’t know we offered SEO Services. OUCH! Just goes to show you, that no matter how good your relationship is, you need to continue marketing your services to existing customers. Needless to say I think some marketing materials design and mail campaign is in order!