Sprout Social vs Hootsuite – Social Media Marketing Tool Comparison

Hootsuite dashboardSocial marketing can take up a lot of time, and time is precious, so it only makes sense to use integrated tools to monitor and manage your social marketing campaign.  There are many benefits to engaging in social marketing, including the opportunity to find new customers and build your brand through word of mouth.  Monitoring social media is a business building task, but it is also a preventative measure that allows you to manage your brand through knowing about media mentions and being given the chance to respond to them before negative word of mouth ruins your brand and crisis management comes into play.                                          

When it comes to social media monitoring and management, there are several tools to make it easier and less time consuming but learning them all to identify which is best for you can be quite a task.  Comparisons are useful for discovering what they are all about.  Reviewing the basic features will help you to decide which one fits best into your business goals and which will be most useful.

SproutSocial and HootSuite are two of the popular monitoring and management tools for social media.  They each produce valuable information, but choosing which is best depends a lot on how you intend to use it.  Let’s start off by comparing the features…

Common Features

Both SproutSocial and HootSuite enable you to monitor multiple networks from one dashboard.  They both have analytic capabilities and permit the customization of reports as well as containing automated reports.  They both track demographic information about your followers which is useful to target marketing, and they both include Twitter contact details. 

SproutSocial and HootSuite include the opportunity for tracking mentions which is helpful in monitoring your brand and engaging in conversations with potential customers or critics.  They both have search features that allow you to find new customers through social media as well as enabling the smart move of monitoring your competition.  Both tools have a scheduler that allows you to schedule messages to post at a certain time and both have the capability of managing RSS feeds.  

What is Different? 

sproutSocial social media management screenWhile both SproutSocial and HootSuite are useful tools for managing social media activities, HootSuite has the capability of managing a team making it the best choice if you use, or intend to use, multiple contributors to your social profiles.  This feature allows you to assign individual passwords instead of sharing them as well as limiting the activities that the team members engage in. 

HootSuite’s secure profiles prevent erroneous postings to secured profiles which is essential when working with multiple contributors. The assignment feature of HootSuite makes it possible for you to delegate tasks to team members and provides follow-up capabilities through a message system.  This saves time and money as well as making your responses to opportunities or threats more efficient. 

HootSuite also supports mobile apps that enable access on the go which is essential to the busy entrepreneur.  It also offers themes so that spending time on the dashboard won’t get so boring.  You can liven it up a little bit by changing themes from time to time. 

These are features that SproutSocial does not have.  SproutSocial is adequate in monitoring and managing social media.  However, if multiple contributors are involved in your social media efforts, HootSuite is the best choice. 

Never underestimate the affect that social media has on your business or brand.  Honestly, it can make or break you.  Monitoring and managing social media is essential to make the most out of the benefits and to effectively control the detriments of being in the spotlight.  

What tool do you prefer for social media management? Let us know by commenting on this article!

  • Hi Jason, 
    Thanks for sharing the HootSuite story. The dashboard’s team collaboration and security features are two of the many features that help make HootSuite a powerful tool. 
    Keep an eye out on our blog as we’re always updating and rolling out new features.

  • Thanks for including Sprout Social in your comparison, Jason. You do make great points about the importance of team management and mobile apps for social media management. I hope you give us a look again in the upcoming weeks as well have both of these features available very soon.

  • Jason Corgiat

    @Andy – Thanks for chiming in! We’ll keep an eye out for new features and be sure to follow up with an edit or new article altogether.  
    @Tessa – Thank you as well! Definitely looking forward to the new features!  
    That’s one of the things I love about this industry. Any review that’s more than a few weeks old is probably outdated. 🙂

  • Thanks for this info! I was surprised that you didn’t have Tweetdeck as a comparison but maybe that ones not popular anymore. I’d not heard of Sprout Social so I’ll look into that one too. Thanks!

  • Jason Corgiat

    Hi Fawn! 
    Thanks for your comment! We are actually going to be doing several comparisons over time so I’m sure tweetdeck will make the list. Let us know if there is any specific tool you’d like to see tweetdeck compared to! Also, keep an eye out next week for a post called “Top 20 Social Media Tools”. You can subscribe to our blog via email at the top right if you like. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Fergus Gibson

    I thought I’d point out that this story was accurate in the past but now requires an update.  
    Sprout Social has added a number of features, including support for teams and a mobile app.

  • We like the capabilities of HootSuite, but SpoutSocial’s dashboard and their new team collaboration and mobile apps are very, very nice.

  • Jason Corgiat

    Hi Ed, 
    Welcome to the LeapGo blog! I totally agree with you, while Hootsuite has nice functionality it’s tough to compete with the offering of Sprout. We recently did an article by one of our social media account managers on how we use sprout social. Check it out here –

  • We just release a new social media tool called SocialMotus, may be you can consider to include in your future review list.

  • Kyle Jones

    I have used both Sprout Social and Hootsuite. I like Hootsuite better for the robust choices of networks but I like Sprout Social interface.