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Social Media Marketing Services by LeapGo gets you Strong Leads, Repeat Customer Sales, and a Positive ROI!

Any agency can set up a Facebook account, post a few comments, and get “likes”, but LeapGo will make social media work for your company and PROVE it through detailed reporting. 

LeapGo goes far beyond the reporting of “likes” and “tweets” to transform your company’s social media presence into a successful sales platform.  We know how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to:

  • Social Media Marketing ServicesDevelop a long-lasting and innovative marketing strategy
  • Increase your company’s and brand’s digital footprint
  • Use social media to impact your websites SEO
  • Establish strong relationships with key influencers and make advocates for your brand
  • Create compelling content that increases readership and repeat business
  • Define and achieve measurable goals for your business
  • Provide detailed reports showing you the real results achieved using social media

Whether you’re the owner of your company or a marketing director, we know how to put together a social media strategy and generate reports to make you look like a hero.

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LeapGo’s Approach to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management CompanyToo many people look at social media marketing the wrong way.  They think social media is something they “have to do” because it’s the “in” thing today.   Or they give it one of those “get out of jail FREE” cards because it’s trendy and hard to track.  Or even more so, they don’t think about it twice because it’s “free”.

Well at LeapGo we know that’s all a load of BS.

You don’t need to do social media, but if you’re going to do it you need to do it well.  Social media marketing has to be held to the same standards as every other digital marketing method.  It requires a long-term strategy, it needs to be held accountable, and yes, it does come with a cost to many of your resources.

LeapGo will approach your social media strategy with this concept in mind and develop innovative strategies, in-depth analyses, and captivating content to keep your online presence relevant and enduring.  That’s exactly why you won’t find lack-luster social media “plans” for $200 here.  We do much more than that because your company’s social media presence DESERVES more than that.

The Social Media Marketing Dilemmas:

+Social Media Marketing is a two-way street
Online marketing is no longer a one-way street.  The days of traditional “push” marketing are over and simply sending out daily updates will NOT get you the ROI you desire.  With social media, marketing is now a two-way street.  The concepts of promoting, selling, referring, purchasing, and generating leads have taken on new meaning.  When it comes to the success of your daily business, your customers now possess a lot of power.  Their word-of-mouth marketing used to reach one or two people, but with social media a simple phrase from just one mouth can now reach a thousand people or more.  It’s become quite a busy street.  How do you manage all the constant back-and-forth chatter?
+Social Media Marketing is about building relationships
Unlike traditional media, social media enables your business and your customers to interact with ease.  You can engage in conversations, create a brand lifestyle, encourage brand loyalty, and get feedback like never before.  You can build a community of people, tens of thousands of people, who care about your business.  But it’s not as easy as it sounds.  Everyday you get bombarded by tweets, comments, requests, links, questions, testimonials, and conversations.  There are loads of data – and we mean LOADS of data – to sift through.  How do you strategically identify the customers and conversations that matter and nurture the right relationships
+Social Media Marketing isn’t free
It’s a common misconception.  Joining Facebook and Twitter is free, but managing your social media strategy is anything but free.  A business must devote endless time and resources to the creation, development and implementation of strategies, content, tracking, and analysis.  It’s safe to say that social media is the exact opposite of free – it’s a long-term investment.  How do you determine the most important things to focus on?
+Social Media Marketing can be used in many different ways
Social media was originally designed to link people together online.  Now it can be used to drive traffic to a website, generate leads for a business, and build a brand and much more than that too.  Social media can be used for education, as a place to handle customer service issues, and a shared media platform.  It can be used for leads, referrals, and sales.  What are you business pain points and how can social media help?

LeapGo’s 5-Step Social Media Marketing Solution

Develop A Strategy
We work closely with you to find out how social media can benefit your business and develop a creative, engaging, and sustainable social media strategy that won’t fizzle after a few months. We work with your goals and resources to pinpoint the social media marketing hotspots and create the best social media strategy for your company.  Most importantly, we align your social media marketing with your existing digital marketing efforts, because we know full well that social media makes the biggest impact when it’s not working alone.  This strategy isn’t just a necessity; it is integral to your success in social media marketing.
Determine Benchmarks
We establish tangible and achievable benchmarks to help you understand the powerful impact of social media.  We track your progress using real data so you can tweak your social media marketing efforts to align with your business objectives.  What objectives, you ask?  We know that social media can do a lot more for your business than simply drive traffic to your website.  It can help you reduce your customer service load, educate potential prospects currently in the discovery phase, or generate leads through geotargeted posts/tweets and we determine benchmarks with those things in mind. 
Build Great Content
We work with you to create compelling content on all your social media platforms that actively engages your customers through thought-provoking comments, free-flowing conversations, and stalwart advice.  We maintain and build upon your brand and consider the life cycle of your business, seasons, and consumer habits.   Our content is 100% unique and will considerably boost your marketing and sales efforts. 
Cultivate Customer Relationships
We don’t just help you get heard, we make you a social icon.  We identify your key customer segments and link up with brand advocates.  We build trust by listening to their comments and questions and offering expert solutions.  We help you improve the relationship between your business and your customers through subtle, yet strong social movements. 
Analyze Results & Adjust
We analyze all your social media data, from “likes” to link clicks, and provide you with personalized comprehensive reporting.  We help you analyze results and determine the best course of action, including what works well and where you need to change course.  With your data, and LeapGo’s help, we show you how we will overcome social media’s challenges and drastically improve your business.

LeapGo’s Social Media Management Process & Prices

Given today’s environment, it should come as no surprise that Social Media Management is one of LeapGo’s most popular offerings.  Therefore, we have a streamlined process to make managing your social media marketing as efficient and effective as possible.

We employ a business strategist to develop the strategic elements and determine the right social media platforms for your business, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and/or Pinterest.  We set you up with a dedicated project manager to announce each step of the project and regularly update you with personalized reports on your social progress, including content and campaign results, generated traffic, and overall ROI impact.  Given the nature of social media, we also stay as flexible as possible in order to revisit goals and implement new initiatives at any time.

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