Social Media Management: How We Use Sprout Social

Social Media ManagementAs a Social Media Manager for LeapGo, I am responsible for the daily maintenance of the company’s numerous social accounts.  Without proper planning, time management and solid communication, things could very easily get out of control.  Fortunately, as a result of the recent boom in social media usage, a number of software companies have created powerful social media management tools, and LeapGo selected Sprout Social as one of our primary tools to manage multiple social media marketing initiatives.  

Sprout Social’s software supports complete management of LeapGo’s multiple social network identities, simultaneously, from a single interface. Fully integrated with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare and Gowalla, this management tool lets me keep the LeapGo brand top of mind as I engage with our customers and allows me to monitor our brand mentions across major media channels. I track conversations and engage with our customers without having to change programs or sign into/out of other applications.  This saves me a tremendous amount of time!  In addition, Sprout Social offers contact management, detailed analytics and lead‑generation tools, and the ability for me to track how we’re faring against our competition.

When I log into Sprout Social, the first thing I see is the Dashboard, which gives me an overall snapshot of our new followers and their demographics, the number of clicks and our current engagement and influence scores:
Sprout Social DashboardWith Sprout’s team application I can designate users and control their levels of access.  Assigning tasks, adding notes and instant communication with the team is a breeze, and each of us has the ability to see exactly where we are in LeapGo’s campaign.  This instant communication eliminates the possibility of a “forgotten” thought or task – notes or projects are entered as soon as they come up, keeping all team members current.

Sprout’s social media analytics are also impressive.  With a moment’s notice I can generate customizable, detailed reports that illustrate our fan and follower demographics, identify our most popular Tweets and posts (clicks, re-Tweets) and track the most influential social referrals to our website.  With just a few clicks, I can see how LeapGo is stacking up against the competition, and easy integration of Google Analytics illustrates the affect of our efforts on current traffic to LeapGo’s website and delivers that report to key members of management and sales. This ensures we’re all on the same page.

Lead generation is a snap with Sprout Social.  By entering specific keywords and geographical locations, I can locate and review Twitter profiles that are relevant to LeapGo, “follow” or start a conversation with them, and add them to our business development contact lists.  I then refer these leads to various members of my team (assigning a “Task” to each) asking them to initiate contact.

The Social Media Inbox is another feature we use in Sprout Social.  My Inbox contains a chronological stream of conversations taking place on the various networks and allows me to respond immediately, right from within the program.  I then search within these conversations, using specific keywords, to learn if we are following a particular user or not. 

The effectiveness of our campaign is measured from my Sent Messages folder, which reports not only the reach results for each message sent, but also the number of clicks, the responses and any re-Tweets.  This information shows me what is working and what might need a little fine tuning.

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Posting messages (including links and photos) to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is done simultaneously from one message composer.  In the interest of time management, I often schedule these messages in advance for delivery on a specific date and a predetermined, optimal time for maximum visibility and effectiveness.  By connecting LeapGo’s RSS feeds, our new blog content is automatically sent throughout our social networks, another big timesaver for me.

Sprout Social takes CRM to the next level.  Each of LeapGo’s social contacts has a detailed profile, containing not only the typical contact information, but also direct links to their social media profiles.  In addition – and a huge plus for me – every communication exchanged with a potential new client is automatically captured and added to their profile.  This chronological “journal,” visible to everyone on my team, is invaluable for accurate tracking of our campaign efforts.  I utilize the supplemental notes section regularly, adding comments, afterthoughts or next action steps.  All of this activity is recorded in one place, saving me the time it would normally take to update multiple contact lists.

As a social media manager, effective time management is crucial to the success of each online marketing campaign I support.   Having used a number of social media tools in the past, I find Sprout Social’s software to be the most user-friendly.  The intuitive dashboard clearly illustrates where to go to do what.  Helpful online videos, quick guides and webinars encourage even “first-timers” to jump in and get up to speed quickly. From shared team communication and tasks, two-way customer interaction, detailed analytics, scheduled posts across multiple social sites, lead generation and CRM tools, Sprout Social keeps me on task, on time and on target.

However, it’s important to note that a social media marketing campaign does not become hands-free following the implementation of a social software tool.  Far from it!  Keeping content fresh and appealing and adjusting it quickly in order to meet customer needs still requires the “human touch.”  While Sprout Social guides and supports a number of my tasks, it does not replace the most important (and most rewarding) component of a campaign – engaging with people! 


Social media marketing is now regarded by most as a mandatory component of any business campaign.  A successful social marketing effort requires not only a solid strategy with well-defined goals, but also a knowledgeable team that respects the time and effort required to build and maintain a powerful online presence and strong reputation.  Because doing it alone is intimidating to most, many companies are retaining outside services to manage this important aspect of their business.

With all of this attention being paid to social media marketing, it should come as no surprise that one of LeapGo’s most popular offerings is our “Social Media Jumpstart Package.”  This complete service kicks off with the creation of customized Facebook and Twitter Pages, followed by daily maintenance of the Facebook Fan Page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, as well as scheduled blog updates. In addition, clients receive personalized reports detailing their reach, generated traffic and overall ROI impact. Clients are contacted weekly to review the latest campaign results, revisit goals and objectives, and discuss any necessary adjustments for the continued success of their social campaign.

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How do you manage your social media marketing?

  • Such a great post, thank you for the kind words Desiree! 
    Loved to hear that you’re using many of the more powerful (but sometimes overlooked) features. I’m sure your customers appreciate it! 
    As always, let us know if there’s anything we can help with! 
    Justyn Howard 
    Sprout Social, Inc.

  • Thank you Justyn! You’re right there are some powerful and overlooked features. Thanks to your team’s great training Webinars I was able to know they were there to begin with and then learn how to use them. 
    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jason Corgiat

    Thanks for your comment, Justyn! Desiree is extremely humble so I had to force her a little to brag about how good she is with Sprout :). It’s a great tool for us and I hope this article can help other people craft their own methods when using Sprout, or any social media marketing tool for that matter.

  • Florence

    Sprout Social is great. I use it with Bitrix24 – the combo is incredible. HootSuite is fairly good too, but they have not integrated with Bitrix24 yet, even though they should.

  • Nick Race

    Can I use Sprout Social with Google+ and pinterest – I already use for Twitter and Facebook with Sprout Social and could do with a platform which accomodates all four.

    • Hi Nick,

      At this time we’re unaware of any Google+ or Pinterest capabilities in Sprout Social. Be sure to come back to our blog on the 9th of this month because we’re going to publish the 2013 version of “The Top 25 Social Media Tools”. You can also get our posts via email by subscribing at