SISU Guard has disrupted the mouthguard industry with their innovative products. They needed an agency that was as nimble and flexible as their revolutionary mouthguards.


When SISU Guard first started their site with Bigcommerce, they worked with an agency whom they found to be inadequate. Communication, accountability, accuracy, and delivery were just some of the issues they encountered. They had a good foundation with Bigcommerce but desperately needed a team that could move quickly and were experts with Bigcommerce.

SISU Guard needed an agency that was:

SISU Guard

  • Quick to respond.
  • Easy to ‘ramp up’ with and didn’t require a huge commitment.
  • Aligned with their vision and purpose.
  • Efficient with time and resources.
  • Able to implement changes that would maximize website navigation and usability.
  • Continuously providing feedback on strategy and didn’t just wait for tasks to be assigned.
  • Proactive on their behalf with other vendors or partners.
  • Consistently clarifying the purpose for each and every decision.
  • Asking “WHY” to define objectives and executing those plans accordingly.
  • Provided a single point of contact to coordinate efforts.
  • A visionary.


LeapGo Flex Blocks. Being burned in the past SISU Guard didn’t want to make a big commitment, but they also had a wide variety of needs. Flex Blocks allowed SISU Guard to start with LeapGo for a low financial commitment and start flinging stuff over the fence as quickly as possible.  As soon as SISU Guard saw how LeapGo handled the initial tasks, they were able to simply continue purchasing Flex Blocks as their needs increased.


Where do we begin? A few highlights: While planning and overseeing a strategic partnership with Hubspot, LeapGo was able to seamlessly transition a previously disjointed blog directly into SISU Guard’s Bigcommerce website for a user-friendly experience. Also, upon some initial work LeapGo discovered that several statistics tracking & retargeting scripts were implemented incorrectly and were fixed. Later on, we were able to use that data to help drive decisions to make changes to key landing pages, category content and product page layout. SISU Guard’s conversion rates are as high as they’ve ever been. The relationship has blossomed from a “kick the tires” to a full on partnership and LeapGo now also supports the newest of their web properties;  There is really something magical that happens from a true, organic partnership like this one.  Read the client comments below…

Improved conversion rate through thorough testing & website updates.

Improved conversion rate through thorough testing & website updates.

Cyber monday statistics showing year over year improvements.

Cyber monday statistics showing year over year improvements.

From The Client

“In my position, I feel I get to complain a lot about things not getting done right. It’s twice as wonderful for me to be able to write a note about a job well done. I simply have to share my experience with the LeapGo team and how much I have enjoyed working with LeapGo. I hope potential clients will have a good understanding of the highest standards of excellence they can expect from LeapGo.

I spoke with three firms, and, judging by our LeapGo account representative Don’s due diligence, patience and attention to detail, I was convinced that LeapGo would be a good fit for us, despite being an out of state partner. Hands down, I’ve made the right decision. LeapGo is a great partner for our mid-sized business.

Here are 10 reasons I love working with my LeapGo team: 

1) LeapGo really thought through the process of customer experience to make it easy for us. I work with a dedicated account manager – Don – who is wonderful: knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. I truly feel like he is a part of my team. Even though he works remotely, he is available at any time. In fact, I’m not sure he sleeps. 🙂

2) My requests are acknowledged within minutes. Don promised “within the hour”, but it’s really much quicker than that.

3) The work stays “in-house.” Once I make a request, an internal team gets things done! It’s quick, the process is simple, communication is great and the guys go above and beyond.

4) While we discussed that some requests would take longer to complete, I’ve yet to have a project take more than 24 hours. There are times when Don will reach back out to me for clarification, but once the scope of the project is clearly defined, the LeapGo team gets things done and gets them done right the first time.

5) These are awesome people to work with.  I know a little bit about websites, just enough to explain simple things, but what I absolutely love about LeapGo is that they look at any project, no matter how seemingly small or badly defined, and make sure that they’ve evaluated it from every angle, then find the most efficient way to implement it.

6) Their guys are so honest, they will tell me, “That’ll be a really hour intensive project. We are up for it, but have you considered?…” and offered better alternatives.

7) Efficient AND cost efficient! I can pay in blocks of hours at a great rate for this level of service?! You bet!

8) The collective experience of the team is incredible. It’s like a having an IT fairy godmother (God Father?).  Every time I happened to mention that I had some trouble with something, there is an expert for that. Have trouble with formatting pages in Hubspot? Need done by tomorrow? No problem. We got it. 

9) When LeapGo says experts, they mean EXPERTS. These guys have become an integrated part of my team and I can confidently count on them to get things done for me quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard.

10) Simply put, I absolutely love working with LeapGo. We couldn’t have found a better team, and having argued with countless developers in the past about minute issues that turn into time drains, it is refreshing to work with a bunch of guys who are smart and efficient. I am confident that LeapGo is absolutely the right partner for any business looking to outsource their IT, and that you will be impressed with the quality of work they provide. 

If you have any specific questions or would like to talk with me in person, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to share more of my experiences.

I am one happy customer :)”

– Rita Shelley
Director of Marketing