Search Marketing Trends 2011: Looking Beyond Traditional Paid Search

Marketing TrendsThere were a lot of changes to marketing trends in the year of 2011 for internet marketers. Here at LeapGo we tried a lot of new marketing concepts. Some thrived and some became known as just a fad that were time consuming and unproductive. As always, we hold on to the best and share them with our clients to contribute to your success.

We have found value in several search marketing trends that have become mainstay in 2011. They include social marketing, mobile search marketing, local search marketing, and integration of online and offline marketing. Adding these to your usual search engine marketing efforts will do your business good.

In the social media arena, Facebook has become beyond popular with internet users worldwide. Integrating this social platform into your marketing plan will be well worth the effort. Facebook has exceeded the ever famous Google in being the most visited website. The current statistics show that Facebook has over 800 million active users and that more than 50% of the users log on daily. In addition, the social platform enables targeted advertisements to reach the people who are interested in your offerings. As an advertiser, you have the option of paying per click or per impression in order to fit the advertising campaign into your marketing budget. The advertisements will gain you followers and those followers will share your Facebook page with their friends, ultimately building a community around your business. It is interesting to know that the average user has 130 friends. That equals tons of exposure for your business.

The International Telecommunication Union estimated that mobile subscribers would be 5.3 billion by the end of 2010 which set the mobile marketing in motion in 2011. At this time, Facebook reports that over 350 million of their users access the social platform through mobile applications and over 475 mobile operators promote Facebook mobile products.

While Facebook is the leader in social media platforms, there are other social networks that deserve attention. Twitter, Groupon and Google Places are among these. These platforms feature mobile applications, local search marketing opportunities and simplify the integration of online and offline marketing.

In the first quarter of 2011 Twitter reported that the average number of new accounts created per day was 460,000. They also highlighted the fact that the number of mobile users over the last year increased by 182%. Twitter advertising opportunities include promoted tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts. Geo-targeting is available to promote your tweets to a local area which can flood your brick and mortar business with foot traffic when you desire increased business.

Groupon is phenomenal for mobile and local or regional advertising. It allows businesses to feature deals to attract new traffic when it is most needed. This platform increases word of mouth exposure for your business. As of January of 2011, Groupon reported that there were over 50 million subscribers.

Google Places is a local platform option that cannot be overlooked. Listing your business on Google Places is free, it features reviews from customers that you can respond to which will be beneficial to your business. It also allows you to feature promotions and post live updates. Locally targeted advertising on Google Places is also available through Google AdWords Express. Google Places reports that 97% of consumers search online for local businesses. If you desire to attract local traffic, Google Places is the place to be.

These search marketing trends of 2011 have proven to be lucrative for many businesses. In fact, many well-known brands are taking advantage of social marketing, mobile search marketing and local search marketing. Integrating these online mediums with offline marketing brings tried and true success.

Have we missed any trends? What do you think the trend will be for 2012?