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Search Engine Optimization

Get an SEO Service Where Content is Priority 

“Traffic without conversions is worthless.

Let us develop a comprehensive SEO plan based on key metrics that matter to your business.”

– Jason Corgiat, Founder of LeapGo

What Do You Want From Your SEO?

A website’s digital marketing strategy hinges on strong SEO and it’s worth every penny you put into it.  While searching for a service you might notice that there are thousands of SEO companies out there, many of which can get you results. What you may not realize is that there are only two ways to do SEO that actually work.

The first, and most common is using proper keyword analysis, link building, competitive benchmarking and other white hat techniques.  It’s standard procedure and it’s designed for search engines…..and it WILL get you results.  But it’s missing something. There is a key flaw in this timeless, proven method of SEO.

SEO is only worth doing when the content is worth consuming, aligns with your business goals & increases your conversions!

LeapGo does SEO differently.  We know that your visitors are more important than search engines.  What’s the point of having great rankings if everyone is completely underwhelmed with your content?  Therefore, we develop SEO in conjunction with strong content creation.  We don’t just jump into keywords.  We start by understanding the big picture – your objectives, your audience, your sales funnel – and put together a full digital marketing strategy for your business focused around SEO.

Hire An SEO Service That Puts Your Content At The Core!

LeapGo has been working with clients on search engine optimization for over 12 years.  Every SEO report developed for your business is used in conjunction with your overarching business strategies to pinpoint areas of opportunity.  We don’t just hand over the information; we put it to work so that your online content is the best on the web.

Here’s a great breakdown of what we do:

LeapGo SEO Content Creation1.  Develop Effective SEO Reporting

We produce straightforward, yet detailed SEO reports for your business that are easy-to-follow and skip over all that BS filler stuff.  We identify on-page optimization opportunities, including rich snippets and keyword maps, and develop much-needed initiatives for your website.

2.  Align Business Strategies

LeapGo understands that an SEO report is only as good as the business it supports.  Before any report is sent to you, we put it in the context of your business and align it with your goals and objectives.  We look at your primary audience, your sales funnel, and your competitors to see where your strength lies and what online opportunities are ripe for taking.

3.  Identify Top Keywords and Show You How To Use Them

We don’t simply give you a list of keywords to tackle.  We show you exactly how to use them, what pages you need to create, how to boost your marketing, and much more.  We make sure you don’t just know your keywords; we make sure you know how to use them to your advantage.

4.  Build Strong Content Creation

Where most SEO companies fail, LeapGo truly shines.  Content creation is our forte.  We are experts at developing website pages, writing professional blogs, marketing via social media, and creating other digital content.

Every piece of content we give you is supported by data – our SEO reporting data – to make it the strongest content possible.   While keywords may support the content, the content itself is created with a natural flow to meet search engine standards and impress your customers.

5.  Create Opportunities for Conversion

SEO reports, keyword identification, business strategies, and content creation are all designed for one thing: to convert your customers.  It’s not just top of mind; it’s top of our priorities.  We ensure that your website gets the content it needs to convert the customers you want.

If you want a company that does SEO differently, work with LeapGo!  

We put your search engine rankings and customers in focus by using strategic SEO and building strong content!

All it takes to get started is a 5-minute call (with no obligation, we swear). 

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