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We are blogging advocates, you might even call us fanatics. We put a huge amount of time and effort into creating resources around why and how blogging works.LeapGo’s Secret To Successful Business Blogging

Want to know a little secret about why we love professional blog writing services?

“Our blog is by far the largest contributor to our lead count and ultimately, our bottom line.”

How’s that for compelling?  It’s true, our blog makes up a large portion of the inquiries and leads that LeapGo gets every month. We can say that confidently because we don’t just “produce great content regularly” or “engage our visitors”…. NO WAY!  We implement a strategic blogging schedule based on our business goals, then we track and report every bit of information to justify our efforts are contributing to the bottom line.  Sounds a little better than “write compelling content”, doesn’t it?

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How Blogging Helps Your Business

Need more resources? No problem! Whether you’re familiarizing yourself with what blog writing services are all about or trying to convince your CEO/CMO that blogging is the right thing to do we’ve got you covered!

When your content is useful & compelling, your visitors will be engaged whether your design is excellent or just so-so.  Website content is a key contributing factor that contributes to your online business success.

Think about this for a second.  Content is the end all be all. Everything else is just a method of delivery. Professional website design, Local Search SEO, social media marketing, and everything else….every one of these is a delivery method to either get visitors to your content or get your content to visitors. Yet time after time we get caught up with all the delivery methods and forget about the content.

Want to know why blog content is so important?  Just check out these blogging statistics from Hubspot, MarketingSherpa, WordPress, and other reliable sources in our white paper on why business blogging works.  It proves that companies that blog have:

  • 55% more monthly visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages
  • 29% more organic traffic converted into leads
  • 25% increase in high-quality leads
  • Greater visibility
  • More consumer trust
  • Better marketing integration
  • And on and on…

The data is crystal clear: Companies that blog have far better marketing results.  A professional blog will not only generate traffic, it will convert traffic into customers!   This is extremely compelling data and there is no shortage of similar studies that prove over and over again that a strategic blogging strategy will increase the amount of business you receive from the web.

Do You Need Professional Blog Writing Services?

Everyone wants to drive more relevant, engaged, ready-to-convert traffic to their website.  To do so you must strategically improve your visibility in the search engines, thereby improving traffic, and position your company as the industry expert.

Sound like a full time job?  You bet it is.

Is it worth it?  Darn right it is.

Can you manage the workload? …

If you didn’t answer “yes” right away, you need help.  There are dozens of professional blog writing companies out there claiming to be “professional”, but look no further than LeapGo.

Why Choose Blog Writing Services By LeapGo?

Years of experience in content development. We know what content to create, how to present it on your site & how to connect it with your audience.

Years of experience in web marketing. We will make sure your content is consistent with your marketing message in order to convert the visitors you’re driving to your site more efficiently. We’ll also be able to identify and assist you if your marketing methods are sending the wrong type of visitor to your site.

A huge network of professional blog writers. We have writers of all ages, styles, backgrounds & interests. We create content based on your needs and target market, not what a single writer can do.)

We use real data to show you your blog’s progress. Our development team will work with you to ensure you have the best tracking available. Our reporting will be comprehensive, easy to understand and ultimately show you real data that your blog is working.

We are a full service website development firm. Content development doesn’t always just meant text. We can assist with video production, infographics, downloadable content, ebook creation, slide presentation, online meeting development & more.

It’s been proven over and over that professional blog writing will get you more leads & customers.   We know for a fact that our professional blog writing services will get that extra business you’re seeking.

By working with LeapGo you will engage a blog writing team that has experience in PR, SEO and customer segmentation.  This would literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ even a part time team of this caliber.  LeapGo is one of the only companies confident enough in our services that we do not require any long term contracts or outrageous setup fees.

How Much Do Blog Writing Services Cost?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re either very interested or have furiously scrolled scanning for the word “pricing”.

Blog writing services by LeapGo are tailored to meet your specific goals and vary in cost depending on your needs. We have plans that range from $700 – $5250 per month.

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