Meet The Key Team Members

Jason Corgiat – LeapGo Founder & Lead Business Strategist
Jason CorgiatJason founded LeapGo back in 2001 and he’s been leading the team ever since.  His passion, work ethic, and determination are highly evident and today he has forged his company into one of the most successful website development agencies in the industry. Read more about Jason Corgiat


Don Engelhardt – VP of Business Development
Don EngelhardtFrom the moment you meet him, Don’s friendly, approachable personality is highly evident.  He’s our business development guru and the first point of contact for many of our prospective clients.  He’s passionate about helping small- to mid-size companies develop their online business and adept at offering game-changing solutions.  So when you need to get things done, Don is your go-to man.  Read more about Don Engelhardt


Debbie Thoensen – Lead Project Manager
Debbie ThoensenLike any growing business, we’ve got lots going on.  Fortunately Debbie is here to keep us all lined up and up to speed.  As our primary project manager, she manages and executes project plans, keeps our clients informed on progress, and holds us accountable for meeting all our deadlines.  Her work style is both fun and professional and her positive attitude is a constant reminder that we love what we do every day of the week.  Read more about Debbie Thoensen


Greg Higgins – Lead Content Manager
Greg HigginsAs a website development company, we know that content is king.  Well if that’s the case, then Greg wears the crown.  As our content manager, he’s in charge of making sure our website is adorned with fresh and relevant content, from blogs and white papers to web pages and emails.  He also does the same for our clients, helping them develop their content strategy and executing it with his wicked wordsmithery (if that’s even a word).  Read more about Greg Higgins


Ciprian Marius – Lead Web Developer
Ciprian MariusA better title for Ciprian would be “mad coding genius” because the guy is addicted and he loves what he does!  He codes for work, he codes for fun, heck he’s probably coding while he’s in the loo.  Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but Ciprian doesn’t mind because he’s proud of his work and all of our clients are extremely proud too.  We are excited to have Ciprian be a part of our team and bring our website development to a whole new level!  Read more about Ciprian Marius