Off-Site Web Development

Web development doesn’t just end with your website. It’s an ongoing process and involves your entire marketing strategy – online and off line. You should think about your web properties as your own little web within the World Wide Web.

Now, note a little difference: Website development versus web development. It’s subtle, but bear with me.

  • Website development – This should be obvious, but website development deals with your website only. That means on-page content and SEO, internal link building, your site’s architecture, shopping cart, your blog, etc.
  • Web development – Web development involves the development of your piece of the World Wide Web. That goes beyond your own website and extends into content that you create off-site as well as on-site. That could be mass submit articles, guest blogging, social media, inbound link building, social bookmarking and any development you perform off-line as well such as billboards with your web address on them, flyers and brochures and even viral word-of-mouth campaigns.

So you see, when you talk about web development, consider more than just your website. Consider your entire marketing strategy. Consider building your web within the Web.