New Google Analytics Features To Try Out Right Now

google analytics logo1Google Analytics recently made some changes that many website owners are really going to enjoy. If you have not logged into your Google Analytics account recently, you will want to do so right away so that you can start using these new features to improve your website.

Customizable Dashboards

Google Analytics’ dashboards feature received a major facelift with the recent update. Now, users can create up to twenty unique dashboards that make the most sense for their site or business. The addition of new widgets that take a snapshot of visits, goal completions, source/medium, and bounce rate make it easy to customize your dashboard to your website’s specific needs.

Real-Time Data

Previously, Google Analytics’ data was delayed up to twenty four hours which forced users to delay their analysis of their website. Now, with real-time data, users are able to see what people are doing on their website, where they are coming from, and referral sources, providing the site owner with actionable data in real-time.

Search Box to Navigate Account

Google Analytics has added a search box within Analytics, making it easier to navigate your account. Previous versions of Google Analytics were a little cumbersome to navigate. Now, with this new search feature, users are able to find the information they are looking for much quicker.

Keyword Clouds

The addition of keyword clouds makes it easier to spot trends in your keywords instead of searching through a long list. The Keyword cloud feature allows users to view the cloud based on different user-selected criteria such as visits, bounce rates, and pageviews per visit, providing further in-depth analysis of the specific keywords that are driving your business.

Site Speed

Average load time is becoming more important for websites in terms of search engine optimization. This new site speed feature allows site owners to see how quickly their pages are loading for visitors and what type of effect this is having on their search engine rankings.

Webmaster Tools Integration

One of Google’s lesser known tools is its Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools allows website owners to see which Google property (web, image, local) is driving the most traffic to your site. Being able to view this data within your Google Analytics account makes it easier to see which Google property requires your attention the most to help improve your site’s performance.

Social Website Engagement

One of the most interesting features that was recently added to Google Analytics is the Social Engagement feature. This feature allows you to see how visitors interact with your website socially, and whether or not they are Google +1’ing your website or Liking it on Facebook. Having this information readily available to you will allow you to improve your social media marketing efforts.

Multi-Channel Funnels

This new feature helps provide attribution information through a series of reports. Google Analytics now shows every interaction a user had with your site in the last thirty days, allowing you to clearly see which path a conversion came from such as an email link, Twitter link, or social media website. Having this information will allow you to accurately deduce which traffic source is generating the most conversions when visitors are coming to your website through multiple channels.

Event Tracking

The event tracking feature received an overhaul as well, allowing users to track Events as goals. Previously, in order to track a goal that did not result in a new URL, users needed to place special code on their website to create a virtual pageview, which created inflated numbers within your Google Analytics account. With the new event tracking feature, users can track these events as a goal without disrupting their analytics data. 

Flow Charts

Flow Visualization allows users to better visualize two aspects of their website: How visitors are navigating your site and whether or not your goals are being completed. The Visitors Flow report shows how visitors are interacting with your site, enabling you to plug any leaks where you may be losing site visitors. The Goal Flow report enables you to see exactly how your goal funnels are performing and whether or not there is room for improvement to increase your goal conversion.

Which new feature are you most excited about? Tell us below.