More Internet Marketing Strategies That Still Work

Last month we wrote about 5 Internet marketing strategies that are tried and true, proven to work. To add to that list, here are 7 more Internet marketing strategies that still work and probably always will.

  1. E-mail marketing – E-mail marketing is an Internet marketing staple. Early on in the history of the World Wide Web, savvy marketers realized that e-mail was a useful marketing tool. Today it is one of the most effective marketing tools online.
  2. Article marketing – Article marketing is also one of those timeless marketing vehicles from the early Web. It’s still good today. Though not as effective as it used to be, there is still plenty of room for article marketing in any Internet marketing plan. Many article marketers today do their most effective marketing by writing unique articles for specific websites rather than use the mass submit strategy of the past.
  3. Video marketing – Like the article marketing mass submit strategy of the past, video marketing promises to be the new wave of future marketing. This is the direction the Web is moving and I believe we’ve only tapped the beginning of this technology.
  4. Directory/SE submissions – Here’s another Internet marketing staple from the early days. Again, like article marketing, it’s not as effective as it once was, but a few submissions to the right directories can be a huge boon to your Internet marketing efforts.
  5. Forum marketing – Forums, like blogs, are a great way to send new traffic to any website simply by commenting on the threads of others. Join, respond, build relationships and grow your business. This is the old way of social networking and it still works.
  6. Social media – I hate to say it, but social media has come of age. From social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg, there is a lot of potential here for savvy marketers. But beware! It can also be a timesuck.
  7. MicrositesWebsite development is more than just building one huge site to serve your niche. You can also develop microsites to target specific narrow niches within your niche. A great way to capitalize on your most profitable keywords.

In today’s Internet marketing environment you can’t afford to sit and rest on your laurels. Don’t just settle for one method of online marketing. Branch out into several tracks and boost your Internet marketing efforts through a variety of tactics.