Making Keywords Work For You

In the wild and woolly days of the internet, a website design companycould get great search engine rankings for your site by using the keywords that you were looking for frequently. For instance, let’s say you were a fast food restaurant that wanted your site to get noticed for your hot dogs. Some web design companies would make a paragraph that would look like this:

Come to our hot dog restaurant, where we serve the finest hot dogs to people who love hot dogs. When you try our hot dogs, you’ll be shocked at how good a hot dog can be, so come to our hot dog restaurant today!

You used to be able to fool search engines with this stuff, but modern search engines are much more careful about what they count as “good content.” In short, they can tell when you’re just loading up on keywords for the sake of keywords. In fact, most modern search engines will actually dock you for doing such a thing. Dimitrovo . website analysis Modern search engines care far more about useful content than an arbitrary amount of keywords.

If you’re still doing things the old way and wondering why you don’t get noticed by Google, Bing or Yahoo, maybe it’s time to change the way you do things. A modern SEO package can help you to maximize your results and get the attention that your site deserves.