Magento Design Services

Magento is a leading ecommerce platform that is both powerful and feature-rich.  What makes Magento different from most ecommerce software is that it offers two compelling options for users:  hosted (Magento Go) and self-hosted (either Magento Community or Magento Enterprise).  The platform you choose will depend upon your business, team, and capabilities, but what’s more important is what you do after you make this choice.  And that’s exactly where LeapGo can help.

What LeapGo can do:  Magento Go

BusnessmanIf you choose the hosted path, then your biggest concern lies with making your website stand out from the crowd.  Rather than sticking with the limited standard templates Magento Go provides, hire LeapGo to customize your design, build your brand, and optimize your website settings.

At LeapGo, taking your Magento Go website from zero to hero is what we do best.  We work closely with you to develop a unique website design that speaks to your customers and aligns with your business objectives.  We help you identify growth opportunities, customize your plug-ins and widgets to give your website greater potential, and employ SEO best practices.  With our help, your store will be a star.

What LeapGo can do:  Magento Community & Enterprise

If you choose Magento’s original open-source ecommerce platform, then your website is blessed with incredible flexibility.  The sky’s the limit, yet you also need focus.  By hiring LeapGo, we can help you build the online business of your dreams through consultation, diligent research, and strategic thinking.  Our creative designers construct awe-inspiring templates that will give your brand a boost while our SEO specialists will refine your website for the optimal search.  Hire us for full implementation and put all our experts behind the wheel.  We guarantee to give you a website that will blow your mind and wow your customers at every click.

One question that always comes up is, “Where should I host my Magento website?” When it comes to your business, LeapGo believes that cheaper isn’t better.  You need a dependable, stalwart hosting service that won’t let you down.  For an excellent hosting service, we recommend the following high-quality Magento partners:  Hostway, Peer1, and Rackspace.

Can I try Magento first?

You sure can!  Magento Community is free to download so you can sample it right away.  As for Magento Go, you can test drive its ecommerce functionality with a free trial.  If you like what you see (for either one), then we can help you develop and customize your Magento template design as soon as you’re ready.  Click on the image below to start a free trial:

Magento Go Free Trial

How do I get started with Custom Magento Web Design?

Call (818) 232-7220 to get started or use the button below to request a quote! Custom Magento templates start at just $3,000.

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