Logos on the back of my eyelids and product placement in my dreams.

Product Placement

Advertising is everywhere. That’s a statement I’ve been hearing ever since I understood what advertising was. And yet, every day the evil outbound advertising empire finds ways to infiltrate my life with unwanted advertisements. Here’s a little story;

I bought a big screen TV to watch the game and guess what? They shrunk the picture to run advertising on the side. Thank you, but I’d like to use the entire TV I paid for. I open up the recorded shows list to watch my favorite show. Guess what? Someone told them I fast forward through the commercials so I’m forced to suffer through a poorly scripted, awkwardly acted out product placement. Frustrated I leave and go to the gas station only to hear the pump start rambling about some rewards club I need to be a member of. Frantically I run to escape from it all to one of the only places I know I’m safe; the bathroom. Guess what’s in my face while I’m trying to do my business? How long will it be before I have logos tattooed to the backs of my eyelids and product placements in my dreams? (That last one actually happens already.)

I know I’m not alone. Look, I don’t want you to stop advertising to me. I can appreciate a good product and a good brand. Just stop interrupting me and taking over everything I enjoy!

This leads me to the importance of inbound marketing. I’m talking SEO, Paid Search, Blogging, Social Media. If done correctly, your ads are there when I want them, when I’m interested, when I’m looking for what you have. It’s like the difference between that annoying neighbor that comes over every time you set foot outside vs the one that lets you borrow his hedge cutter because he knows you need it.

What are your thoughts? What are some of the most annoying examples of advertising you’ve suffered through recently?

  • Morrolicious

    YouTube ads, followed quickly by full screen video commercials in iPhone apps you cannot escape (okay, I get that they pay for the app so you don’t have to – but why not the less intrusive banner ads?). I must say I enjoyed the product placement in Crazy Taxi (KFC, Pizza Hut, etc..That was fun).

  • Crazy Taxi was a good example of fun, sensible product placement. Thanks for stopping by!