Local Search SEO Tips & News

Measure Your Success With Tracking & Analytics

Every website should rely on some tool to measure site traffic. (No, a “hit counter” doesn’t count!) A great choice is Google Analytics, which tells you where your traffic is coming from, which keywords are actually effective, which pages on your site are most popular and which products are yielding the most profit.

We incorporate Google Analytics into all of our Internet Marketing services – first because it’s free – but also because it is truly a valuable tool for understanding how your website performs overall. This not only keeps the client in the loop, but it also provide accountability to make sure we’re doing our job.

If you’re not using Google Analytics, set up an account. It’s free and easy to implement.

We can also setup, install, and even train you on using it so you get the most our of your information. Nedighalomen Just ask!

Online Search – The New Phone Book?

The days of people using their trusty phone book to locate a business are dieing fast. If you have a toothache, for example, chances are you won’t open the Yellow Pages to find a dentist. You’ll most likely search online, or perhaps you’ll peruse a local online directory. But the result remains the same – customers will search for your business online. Offline marketing efforts are falling by the wayside and being replaced with more effective online marketing strategies. This is why it’s essential that your offline marketing materials – business cards, brochures, TV ads, radio ads, etc. – include your Internet address. And for the mass of people who now search for businesses online, your website must include the relevant keywords people are using to search for your business category.

A Fast, Free & Easy Way to Get Local Exposure

In a recent blog post, Eight simple things to do beyond having a website, we talked about committing to local search engine optimization. With the previous paragraph in mind, you need to make sure that when people make that local search, you’re listed. Perhaps you’ve noticed local results working their way into searches even without putting in a city name. Google, Yahoo and Bing all have local versions of their search engines. You want to make sure you set up a profile with all of them as soon as you can and make sure it’s accurate.

A great, free way to set these up quickly is by visiting a web site called This site makes it easy to set up your profile and submit to all three engines. You’ll be amazed at how your website traffic and phone call volume will increase just by submitting to the local versions of the search engines.

Local Search SEO

With all the info above in mind, now would be a great time to inquire about our specialized local search seo services. We can make sure you’re getting a most exposure to your local market. We’ll give you a free initial consult, competitive analysis and proposal, all without any obligation.