Link Building Strategies After Google Panda Update: What To Do Now

SEO Link Building Post PandaGoogle’s recent search algorithm update has dramatically altered the search engine optimization landscape. High volume, low-quality link building strategies are no longer effective when it comes to improving your site’s ranking in the search engines. Now, SEO marketers need to focus on quality over quantity and rethink the way they build links for their sites.

Good Content

Google is now placing a huge emphasis on quality content. Both the content on your site and the content that is linking to your site need to be of high quality if you hope to see positive results out of your link building campaigns. Google is looking for more visitor interaction with your own website that demonstrates someone is interested in your content. Making changes to your website to increase visitor time on site, page views, and visits will allow your website to appear of high quality in the eyes of Google’s search algorithm.

Also, taking the time to find back link opportunities from high quality sites around the Internet will provide much better results than many links from low quality sites. Whether your link comes from a moderated blog comment, link within an article, or a site wide link does not matter in the eyes of Google so long as that link is coming from a respected website, with a high PR, that is relevant to your niche.

Guest Posting

Writing guest posts for other blogs is an excellent way to get new links for your site in a post Panda world. Blog owners are always starving for new content for their sites. Reaching out to these blog owners and offering to write a guest post for them will be welcomed with open arms. When you write the guest post, make sure to include a back link for your site.

While it is preferred to write a guest post for a blog that is within your site’s niche, this is not a requirement. As long as you can write your post so that it ties in to your site’s niche, you will see the benefits of that back link reflected in your site’s rankings. If you can creatively incorporate your site’s niche into your guest post, you could pull off a successful linkbait campaign. Writing an extremely compelling article for a blog that receives a large amount of traffic increases your chances of having your post go viral. This could provide a large number of back links for your site, which would undoubtedly help your rankings.

Create your own Authority Site

One effective back linking strategy you can employ that is Panda safe is to create your own authority site. On this site, you will post nothing but high quality content that is directly related to the content on your money site, which you are trying to rank for a specific term. After you have created this high quality content authority site, you can create several smaller sites – free web 2.0 sites with high PR will work for this – with blog posts that point to your new authority site. Mix in some other links from social media websites that point to your new web 2.0 blogs and authority site and you will surely see some improvements in the SERPS.

When creating these new blogs and authority sites, it is vital that you use the best content possible. The high quality content will ensure that your sites stay around for a long time and pass the most link juice possible.

What to Avoid

While making changes to their algorithm, Google added new penalties for certain SEO tricks that used to be very effective. No longer can you create back links with just one anchor text. If Google sees a bunch of links to your site using the same anchor text, you are sure to receive some type of penalty. Your anchor text needs to look natural in the eyes of Google which is why you need to diversify the terms you use for your anchor text. Do not be afraid to mix in terms like “click here” or “visit now” as this is how non-SEO Internet users would link to your site on the web.

There is no doubt that the recent Panda update released by Google has had a major impact on the search engine optimization world. However, it does not signal the end of SEO as we know it. There are still some SEO strategiesthat are highly effective. Placing good content on your website, obtaining links from high quality, relevant sites through guest posting, and creating your own authority site are just some of the smart ways you can build links for your website in a post Panda world.

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  • Great tuts. Thank advance for sharing!

  • Great post! This was very helpful.

  • It’s getting harder to manipulate the SERP ranking now, but quality content always works at any time. Guest Posting is the best link building strategies that work best in my opinion 🙂

  • @Ingo – Good tip. However, readers of this article should keep in mind that guest blogging should be about the opportunity as a whole, (audience, reach, network, placement, etc) and not just about getting a “link”. Seek out guest blog opportunities with a PR mindset and not a link building mindset.

  • Limraedu

    Great post, really helps me a lot for building quality links for my website after google panda update.

  • Adam

    this is good information and seems to be what I am hearing from a lot of people. Do you know if this is the same for those doing seo on a local level? I am just starting the process on my website and don’t want to do anything that could penalize me. My goal is to start showing up more for local searches for insurance. take a look

  • Great post, it almost seems that no matter what you Google keeps changing the playing field. They’re looking to get everyone on the PPC trail.

  • This is a good news to those who are passionate with creating quality blogs and articles, and bad news for those who are very dependent to link building. Great article!

  • vijina jairaj

    These kind of Updates from Google makes a negative impression on why is it doing such kind of updates. In the coming days, Google is competing to withhold its no.1 position by providing more better search results for its users. Nowadays I find all the results to be worth the keywords searched for whereas some two years back sites with no relevant information ranks good on the first page. I also think that Google’s intention is not to pull customers to Adwords instead to give accurate results.

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