Leapgo Blogging Client Featured in Industry-Leading National Magazine

lilguyRANDOM LAKE, Wis. – LeapGo, a leading web development and website design company, recently completed a project that piqued the interest of an industry-leading national magazine. The project in question was highlighted in a recent article that appeared in Outdoor Power Equipment, whose website can be found at The client, Buchalla Small Engine, needed a blog that would enhance its online visibility, improve its online marketing strategy and strengthen communication with existing customers and prospective customers. LeapGo’s experienced team came up with a design that far exceeded the expectations of the client.

“When we found out that the blog was being featured in OPE, we were tickled,” says Lead Business Consultant at LeapGo, Don Engelhardt. “While the bread and butter of our business is website design and development, what we actually do goes a lot deeper than that. We strive to truly understand what makes a company tick, and we respond with designs that will appeal to its target audience.” In the case of Buchalla Small Engine, LeapGo recognized that the company needed to establish itself as an authority on very specific types of parts and outdoor power equipment. “What better way to show the world what you know than with a blog?” adds Leapgo Project Manager, Cairyn Orido.

The people who make up the LeapGo team are no strangers to the concept of running a business. In fact, the company’s founder and Lead Business Strategist, Jason Corgiat, founded LeapGo in response to his frustrating experiences in finding web development firms that understand his needs as a small online business owner. Since founding LeapGo, Corgiat has placed a strong emphasis on hiring people who have been on the other side of the fence. “Do I want experienced web developers, designers and marketers? Of course. I also want people who understand the nuances of running a small business or online business, and our team is entirely made up of such people,” says Corgiat.

The blog that LeapGo developed for Buchalla Small Engine Parts was featured on the OPE website on December 14, 2011. It is titled “Generating leads starts with a powerful website,” and it highlights three examples of superior website development and design for online businesses. The article emphasizes the importance of not just having an online presence, but of using that presence to bolster and strengthen a company’s overall marketing efforts. “Putting together a quick, basic, bare-bones website just isn’t good enough anymore,” says Lead Social Media Consultant, Desiree Lowe. “To achieve exceptional results, a company’s site has to draw customers in and offer real value.”

In the past, business websites were treated as little more than online catalogs. The OPE article zeroes in on the fact that interactive, compelling websites aren’t just reserved for media and marketing companies anymore. “There’s been a persistent idea out there that certain types of companies just can’t benefit from having compelling websites and blogs,” says Don Engelhardt. “That simply isn’t true. Whether you sell snazzy electronics, spa services or small engine parts, it definitely pays to have a site that appeals to your target audience.”

The LeapGo team is flattered and gratified by the attention that its work on the Buchalla Small Engine blog has received. “Since the article debuted, we’ve received a ton of emails and phone calls about it,” says Corgiat. “Our goal is to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, and I really think our team hit the ball out of the park on this one.”

LeapGo is based in Random Lake, Wisconsin and has been providing website design, website development and Internet marketing services since 2001.