Jason Corgiat

LeapGo Founder & Lead Business Strategist

Jason Corgiat

Jason Corgiat has always been an ambitious guy, exhibiting an entrepreneurial spirit as early as his late teen years.  His passion and drive were obvious from the moment he entered the working world where he quickly rose through the ranks in his first few jobs.

It was during the late ‘90s that Jason leveraged the power of the Internet and decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.  In 1999, with no formal training or experience, he bought and designed his first website, funding it with the little money he had saved from his full-time jobs and teaching himself step by step how to make it even better.  Through his determination and ability to quickly learn and adapt, he found himself helping other businesses design and develop their own websites.

In 2001, Jason took a big risk, left his steady income and secure job, and started his own website design company.  From the beginning, he showed his clients how to use real data and set practical goals to achieve their business objectives.  He gave advice without the usual BS and delivered only the highest standards of work – because he knew if he didn’t like it, his clients wouldn’t either.

Today, because of Jason’s experiences and atypically awesome approach to design, LeapGo is one of the industry’s leading website development agencies serving companies from all kinds of industries.


– Jason Answers LeapGo’s 10 “Tough” Questions –

Who was your biggest inspiration?
My Dad. Talk about an old school work ethic – 33 years at the same company and missed only 1 day of work.  Watching my dad work his butt off to ensure his family was taken care of at any cost was inspiring.  But then watching a company that he gave so much to simply eliminate his position one day was motivating.  These two things really helped shape my work ethic, guide my decision to become self-employed, and establish a guiding principle that LeapGo will never forget that employees are family too.

If you could be one celebrity who would you be?
Frank Sinatra.

What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?
Whether it’s Monday or Saturday, chances are I’m doing something I love that day.

What scares the bejeebers out of you?
My oldest daughter is going to college next year.

What traits make you successful?
I refuse to buy into hype. “Prove it”, I always say.  I somehow have this balance between being a risk taker yet treating business like a rigid science experiment.

What trait do you wish you could shed?
I wish I could stop trying to multi-task.  I know it’s impossible but I can’t help but try to do too many things at once sometimes.

What book do you recommend to every businessperson?
How about a whole list instead:

  • The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss – Become more productive and happier
  • First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham – Become a better boss/manager/employee
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey – Become a better human

If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?
Fly to a remote island with no Internet or cell coverage and take a week to think.

If you could give any advice to others, what would it be?
Do what you do well and outsource the rest and don’t undervalue your services, no matter how much you love doing them.

How do you de-stress?
Training for the next Tough Mudder or Spartan race!