Is Your Site Social Enough?

Many webmasters have discovered the high value of social interaction, even on their own websites. That’s a good thing. And if carefully implemented, you can make your site social, increase its search engine optimization benefits and attract more traffic.

There are two applications that can make your site more social and both are valuable and popular. You’ll recognize the names.

  • Google Friend Connect – This is Google’s open source social networking feature. You can turn your website into a social network just by adding a couple of web pages and some code to your pages. Even better, your website will become an extension to every other website that has implemented Google Friend Connect.
  • Facebook Connect – Facebook has its own API for webmasters and it allows you to add networking features to your website through the Facebook interface. The problem with Facebook Connect is that your networking friends can only network with you through Facebook or your own site. There is no wider Web networking as is the case with Google Friend Connect. But it’s still a good application, particularly if you have a large audience on Facebook that you can tap into.

There are other social applications that you can use, but these two easy to implement applications can have your website social in a couple of hours.