Is Your SEO A Salesman?

What do you do if your SEO tells you it’s not his job to sell your services? Technically, you could say he’s correct. But your SEO is responsible for writing your content, isn’t he? And doesn’t your content sell your services? Now do the math.

Web development is about putting together the pieces of a puzzle. The puzzle, in this case, is what is the best way to market your company? Marketing involves sales. And if you don’t close any sales you’ll go about of business and your website is useless anyway. So a marketer’s job is to sell your services, or products. Your website development team’s job is to market your company, to sell your services.

But how is that done?

It can be done in a number of ways. You have to see your website as a sales and marketing tool. It is an online billboard. It’s a way for you to communicate your company’s values to potential clients. What will those clients see when they visit your site? More importantly, what image of you, your company and your products and services will they form based on what they see? Will they be happy to do business with you?

The next time you hear an SEO say that his job is not to sell your products and services, ask him if his job involves creating content. Then ask him if the content’s job is to sell your services. If you get two yeses then ask him if 1+1=2. If he gives you a quizzical look, he may not be cut out for SEO work.