Is Your Blog In The Silo?

Marketing Pilgrim has an interesting article that talks about the percentage of businesses that use social media marketing tactics, including blogs and microblogs, but don’t integrate them into their overall marketing campaigns. The term for this is “the silo”. You’d be surprised by how many businesses this actually applies to.

Blogs, for instance, are kept in the silo by 38% of marketers right now. Downwitemnoyris Social networking sites are siloed 35% of the time. Co-hosted online communities, 36%.

I’m not sure why a company would keep its online marketing programs separate from its off line marketing programs. Why isn’t there a more integrative approach? Maybe readers can shed some light on this. Do you blog? If so, do you maintain a separate marketing stance for your blog than you do the rest of your marketing? Why? Does that work for you?

Let us know your thoughts about blogging and the silo.