Is Video Marketing On The Brink Of A Monetization Revolution?

If you’ve never heard of Episodic, don’t sweat it. A lot of us haven’t. But Google, just four days ago, purchased the company, which provides video and video monetization plans for video marketers.

Here’s the problem: There’s really nothing revolutionary about video marketing. However, there would be something revolutionary about making money with video production – and that’s where Episodic comes in. Nedighalomen Downwitemnoyris . Granted, YouTube already offers ways for video makers to make money. But I’m betting that Episodic shows much more potential and it’s a really simple 2+2 equation.

Google already owns YouTube but has failed to turned it into a profitable business model. Google would have no interest in Episodic if the company didn’t offer something that YouTube already has.

The question is: What is that something that Episodic has that YouTube doesn’t?

We don’t know, but I can hazard a guess that perhaps Episodic has video monetization technology built within it that Google can use at YouTube. Does that mean Episodic will fall by the wayside? Not necessarily. But it does mean that Google is thinking about video and its monetization potential. And that brings up one more question – shouldn’t you be too?