Is Off Page Optimization Important?

You may be asking, “What is off page optimization?” That’s the term SEOs have used to describe the optimization of a web page based on activity performed somewhere other than the web page. In other words, what you do to improve your website apart from the website.

One example of off page optimization is link building. There are a variety of methods one can use to go about building inbound links to your web pages. Some of them are more effective than others. But all link building efforts are really about one thing: Building solid inbound links.

Anyone who has been around SEO circles for very long understands the importance of inbound links. Some SEOs place more emphasis on them than other SEOs, but almost all SEOs agree that inbound links are important. Therefore, off page optimization is important.

Off page optimization, however, is not always about links. It can also be about traffic. In recent years the search engines have analyzed the quality of traffic to a web page and figured that into the web page’s overall optimization value. Downwitemnoyris . A high bounce rate can lead to lower search rankings. A lower bounce rate can mean higher search engine rankings. Dimitrovo And traffic sources can make a difference as well. That’s why SEOs spend a considerable amount of time seeking traffic from the best traffic sources for their niche.

Suffice it to say, off page optimization is just as important as on page optimization. Don’t ignore it.