Is Dynamic Content Valuable?

Dynamic content is content that changes upon page views or when a new visitor arrives on your site. For example, one person visits your site and sees at the top of the page a note about subscribing to your newsletter. Another visitor who is already a subscriber to your newsletter might see another message inviting them to purchase an e-book download. Why would you do that?

There are a number of reasons why you might use dynamic content. The No. 1 reason is because different site visitors have different needs.

Someone who has been visiting and reading your blog for over a year will have different needs and interests than someone who just discovered it. The new visitor does not know you yet so you have not built up trust. The veteran visitor may already trust you as an authority on your subject so would need less cajoling to take the next step.

The value in dynamic content is not necessarily with SEO, though it could be that too. Downwitemnoyris The real value in dynamic content is the trust that you build in your brand and your service. Treat your visitors like valuable human beings – each with their own distinct needs – and you’ll gain their trust much more quickly.