Is Content Theft Stoppable?

You’ve worked hard on creating the content on your website. You’ve researched your keywords, examined the competition, analyzed the market and gone out of your way to describe your services in such a way that your content is unique, powerful and top of the line. Then you find out that someone is stealing it and putting it on their site without attribution. Is this preventable?

The sad truth is, no. Content theft, as bad as it is, is not stoppable. There are some things that you can do to ensure that you get the proper credit or that the content thief is brought to justice (though that rarely happens).

Ann Smarty has an interesting post at Search Engine Journal that highlights some tools to help you keep a tighter leash on your content.

I think the idea of forcing a link from scraped content back to your site is one that will catch on. I’ve been seeing it more and more and my guess is that the SEO and Internet marketing industry will adopt this strategy as an industry standard. Another viable option is the embed option. Offer your readers the chance to embed your content, which will link back to your site.

When it comes to content theft, I don’t think it will ever disappear but I do believe that we can all work together to minimize its impact. What do you think?