Internet Marketing: The Catch-All Profession

Internet marketing is a growing field. But it’s not just growing. It’s also broad and varied and always will be.

Unlike traditional marketing, Internet marketing is a profession that continues to change daily. Traditional marketing has pretty much been static for years. It’s the same today as it was in the 1950s. Some of the strategic initiatives may be different, but the ins and outs and the ways and means of the profession have really always been the same.

With Internet marketing, you can spend all your days studying search engine optimization and stay busy for a long time. You can also incorporate social media strategies and still stay pretty busy. You’ve got e-mail marketing, blogging, video marketing, link building, mobile marketing, local Internet marketing and much more. It seems like every day there is another service being born that can make your Internet marketing strategies better – but you’ve got to spend the time on them.

I think there is a lot more potential for most businesses to leverage Internet marketing than there is for traditional marketing. But, truth is, most businesses can benefit by mixing the two.