How To Use Klout For Social Media Measurement

Klout resized 600If you haven’t heard of Klout, you will be amazed at the value that this company provides to social media marketers.  It actually generates a score, called the Klout Score, which measures your influence in driving action on social networks. As Klout aims to set the standard for online influence measurement, the San Francisco based company is continually rolling out new updates to ensure accuracy. Late last month (October 26th to be exact) Klout released a new scoring model which is designed to be more accurate and offer greater transparency. 

The Klout Score is not based solely on number of friends or followers.  Rather, their PeopleRank algorithm is based on actions that people on social networks take due to the influence that an individual provides – actions such as replying to or sharing posts.  Currently, it uses a collation of 35 variables from Facebook and Twitter along with information from eight other networks such as blogging and photo platforms to compute the score.

The Klout Score is made up of three variables:

True Reach


Network Impact

True Reach is made up of the number of people who are influenced.  Amplification considers how much people are influenced by measuring the actions they take and network impact takes into consideration the influence of the people that you reach have on others in provoking action.  It is a true measure of influence through social marketing.

Why is Klout Useful to Businesses? 

Klout Scores can be used to measure the impact that your social marketing campaign has on the public that you are reaching.  High scores indicate that your messages are getting out.  Low scores mean that your social marketing efforts need some attention. 

The scoring system is based on a 100 point scale.  In general, scores of 30 or above show social media expertise and higher scores define you as a leader in social media.  If your score is less than 30, perhaps your posts need to be more interesting or perhaps you’re targeting the wrong market.  The newly integrated insights offer more transparency than before in an attempt to help you understand the daily fluctuations in your score. You now have the ability on any given day to see which subscore and people in your network impacted those changes. Great way to test what works and what doesn’t!   

If you hire or contract a social media management company to engage in social marketing on your behalf, you can actually use the Klout Score to measure their performance.  Is their influence on others in the social marketing networks worth what you are paying them?  Do they need a raise? 

Klout Scores are even being used on resumes.  Klout makes it easy for businesses to analyze a person’s ability to influence people in regard to marketing a brand through social media.  It is becoming the standard of influence on the internet.  In the future, it may even become the standard for employing people in the internet marketing sector. Right now, though, there are many who aren’t liking the new changes, as it resulted in a huge drop in some users’ Klout scores. With time however, may be they will come to see the value in having a more accurate score.

How Can a Business Improve their Klout?

When engaging in social marketing, of course volume will improve your Klout Score.  The more you post the better the chance that readers will react.  However, the quality of your posts holds more water along with the interests of your followers. 

If you want to improve your Klout Score, be sure to write interesting posts that people will like and love to share, post consistently and target followers and friends that have an interest in what you have to offer.  These are the primary factors in creating action in relation to your posts. 

For businesses, there is another way to improve the results of a social media campaign using Klout Perks.  Klout Perks is a program that allows businesses to choose influencers in their area of expertise to review their brand and post about it (good or bad) through social media in exchange for experiences or products.  That can be a good deal for businesses as well as for influencers.  Renowned brands like Disney, Hewlett Packard, Nike, and Paramount are using Klout Perks to build brand awareness.

Klout appears to be an upcoming standard setter in the field of social marketing.  They produce solid information that is beneficial to businesses.  The Klout Score has many potential uses and Klout Perks is just icing on the cake.  We at LeapGo recommend that you experience the notion of improving your Klout by giving it a try.

Are you using Klout? Do you think it’s the next big thing in Social Media? What do you think of the recent changes? Tell us below!