How to Outsource Your Blog Writing Without Losing Your Voice

Profssional Blog WritingThe content of your website, blog and online hubs is perhaps the most important aspect of your customer conversion and retention rates as well as the indexability of your site within the major search engines. Without it, all of your other search engine optimization efforts will go for naught and your human visitors will most likely find another competitor with whom they connect.

However, content writing is perhaps the most time consuming of all search engine optimization and site optimization activities, especially if you do not have a good writer in house. It can be a daunting task to figure out what your audience wants, much less how to deliver that message to them in a succinct, aesthetically pleasing manner, including some kind of successful call to action without hard selling them.

The problem is compounded if you have decided upon (or are forced into by competition) an active blogging strategy. This search engine optimization and customer retention technique requires the active participation of a writer who understands your industry, SEO and your unique voice. Oh yes – you most likely will be outsourcing – otherwise you simply would not have enough hours in the day for the actual business of your business, much less the content marketing aspect of your business.

Even if you are not a writer persay, you have a perspective that is unique and special, and if you lose this edge when you outsource your content writing, you have already lost a great deal of your appeal to your audience, even if the actual writing has been technically improved.

It is very important to find the right blog writing agency or individual for outsourcing your content writing. There are ways to outsource your content without losing your unique perspective on your topic of expertise. Below are some ways to vet for the right fit.

Vet previous work.

When it comes to getting a writer that can not just imitate, but actually share empathy with, your unique voice, you want someone who has already proven him or herself in this respect.

Think of it as the LA version of casting for a movie rather than the New York way: In New York, they cast the best actor. In LA, they cast the person who naturally has the personality of the character. You want to pick your writer LA style.

This means that your short list will get shorter based on the work that your writers have already done. View their previous blogs and see who already writes like you need them to write. Once you have shortened your list by this method, you will have a much easier time sorting through the various sales pitches that you are bound to hear, because all writers will tell you that they can imitate a style. In order to avoid this slightly sanctimonious answer from your potential writers, do not ask the question in the first place.

Two – Consider an agency if you have an aggressive content creation strategy.

A writing agency will basically give you a team of writers instead of just one. Do not be discouraged if you can not find perfection. In a professional writing agency, writers will be tested for you until you and the agency agree upon the writer that is best for your content marketing campaign.

Although this method may be a little bit more time consuming, you are more likely to find a writer that fits your personal tastes without having to go through each and every resume. As a matter of fact, should you decide to use an agency, it is actually not the writers that you will be vetting, but the agency itself.

Vet the agency based upon reviews from independent third party review sites. If you can obtain firsthand and personal feedback from friends or business associates, this is obviously a great way to find the agency that would be most beneficial to you in an expedient fashion.

Most top notch agencies will also allow you to view samples of their most trusted writers so that you can pick the ones that you want to try out first. If an agency does not do this and you can not find reviews of that agency online, it is most likely not worth your time to try.

You will want a writer that is familiar with current search engine optimization techniques as well. Writers who keyword stuff and do not know how to localize and optimize tangential content will not only not improve your marketing online; they will hurt it. Make sure that you have a detailed discussion with your agency about what they know of current SEO practices.

Three – Best practices

Top agencies and professional writers will give you rock solid deadlines as long as you give them enough information to write freely and within your style. Top notch agencies are not late with product, especially if you need content on a consistent basis as with a blog.

The information that you will need to provide your writers with in order to get the best material is as follows:

– previous articles that you have written and need expounded upon or technically enhanced
– a detailed description of your niche in your marketplace
– keywords that you are optimizing for
– examples of successful articles in your industry (and if you have written any, show those as well)

Top agencies will sometimes have two or three writers compete for your business by writing your first article and letting you choose the most salient between them. Ask if this is a service that your agency is willing to provide.

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