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Now that you know the purpose of Blog ROI how to calculate it, the next question will be how to improve it.  If you are like most blog owners and internet entrepreneurs, you will recognize the benefits of a blog and once you have the return on investment in mind, you will seek to improve it and bring the greatest payback from your blogging efforts.  The main pieces of this puzzle include traffic and conversion rates.  After all, it is your mission for your blog to be read and to create revenue, right?

Here are some tips for increasing the traffic, improving the conversion rate and thus reaching the greatest potential of your Blog ROI:

Develop Conversational Blog Posts

Unlike sales pages, a blog is about building relationships.  By offering useful information through your blog posts, you will develop trust between yourself and your readers which will develop a following.  Engage in communicating with visitors in the blog by replying to comments and questions.  Visitors will return to your blog time and time again as well as recommending you to others because you will be recognized as an expert in your field.  The posts can lead to sales; however, if your blog is full of sales pitches, you will likely lose first time readers.  Conversational posts engage your readers opening the potential for increased traffic and a greater conversion rate.      

Use and Promote RSS & Email Capabilities

RSS feeds and delivering blog posts via email are some of the best things to ever come along for both business people and their customers.  Once people subscribe to your blog, they will be constantly updated on your blog posts and they will likely return to read your blog if your blog titles are interesting.   For people to subscribe to your blog through a RSS feed, your content does have to be good and useful; however, without a call to action, few will subscribe.  Position the RSS subscribe button in a noticeable place with a short and sweet call to action to draw attention to it. Check out ours on the upper right side bar, and while you’re there….well you know what to do!    

Integrate Valuable Keywords into Your Posts

Keywords are the gems that bring new people to your blog from the search engines.  Choosing the right keywords for your business and integrating them into your blog posts will increase traffic, thus improving your Blog ROI.  Keywords should not be chosen nonchalantly.  They should be backed by intense research to determine which keywords are high in demand, low in supply, and are used by your target market to find information.      

Maximize Incoming Links

The search engines still respect incoming links from relative websites and blogs.  A modern link campaign will improve the search engine positioning of your blog increasing traffic and can have a great effect on your return on investment.  These incoming links can be formed by participating in social media, article marketing, getting listed in directories, guest writing for popular sites, commenting on relative blogs, participating in Q&A sites, participating in industry related forums, and so forth.  Of course, good content will lead to incoming links from site and blog owners who want to share the information that you publish.  Even if you’re blogging about your small, local business your blog is a big part of your local search seo strategy.   

Be Consistent

Blog entries should be made on a predetermined, consistent schedule.  You want people looking forward to your next post.  A blog without regular postings becomes dead to both the readers and the search engines.  While daily postings would be ideal, for most blog owners that is a bit overwhelming and leads to posts of no value.  Weekly posts are more achievable.  Surely you can write a high-quality blog article once a week.  If not, you can take advantage of writing spells by preparing several blog posts and then scheduling them to post weekly.  At any rate, consistency is good thing when it comes to blogging.  It will satisfy the readers and keep your blog alive in the search engines.

The use of these five suggestions will benefit your Blog ROI by bringing new traffic and repeat traffic, encourage referrals, and build a feeling of trust that will lead to an improved conversion rate.  A blog that is conversational, that provides valuable information and is optimized for the search engines can save you loads of money on advertising while increasing sales.  This is all good for your bottom line and calculating the Blog ROI will bring the proof that you need to justify that blogging is not a wasted effort.   

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