How Real-Time Search Can Improve Your Blogging

Update 9/12/12 – OneRiot has been acquired by WalMart labs. (Walmart has labs?) Read the official announcement here –

OneRiot is a real-time search engine that has recently moved out of beta and into the full-time real-time business.

The search engine kicked off last May and in the space of one year has improved its functionality, its look and its real-time features. It actually looks quite snazzy.

While I’m not a big Twitter fan, as you know, I do believe that Twitter, Facebook and other real-time social media can help you become a better blogger. It all boils down to how and where you find topics to blog about. Why bother writing about the same thing everyone else in your niche is writing about? Stay one step ahead.

That’s what real-time search can do for you: Keep you one step ahead.

OneRiot shows you the latest trending topics by scrolling them across the top of your computer screen. Click on one of the trending topics results and you’ll get a search results screen full of results for that topic. Some of them are merely seconds old. It’s a great way to find topics to write about right now.

If you can imagine your blog covering a topic that was covered merely minutes ago while everyone else is writing about what happened yesterday then you can make good use of real-time search engines like OneRiot. The one drawback is the content you reference in your blog posts won’t necessarily be based on relevance. They’ll be based on right now.