How A Blog Benefits Your SEO Efforts

Yesterday we talked about the importance of dynamic content. Today I’d like to discuss how a blog’s dynamic content can boost your website’s SEO.

Blog content is considered dynamic content because every time you update your blog you are updating your website. It isn’t static like a traditional web page. Here are the several ways a blog helps you rank better in the search engines:

  • Since every blog post is a separate web page, every time you add a new blog post to your website you are giving your website one more chance to rank in the search engines.
  • Whenever you update your website you are sending out an invitation to the search engines to recrawl your website and index your new content. Therefore, each new blog post will invite the search engines back to crawl your site again. The more you update your blog the more your site will be crawled.
  • If your blog exists on your static website then each new blog post adds fresh new content to your site.
  • A blog on your website can also add some internal link building structure to your site if it isn’t already there. If you do have a sound internal navigation structure then you can enhance it will your blog’s links.
  • An off site blog can help you build inbound links with the proper anchor text and a moderate linking strategy that mimics natural linking tendencies rather than spam.
  • A highly relevant and authoritative blog can attract more traffic. Dimitrovo If your traffic sticks around for long and you achieve low bounce rates that will likely translate into higher search engine rankings.
  • Remember, you are not only trying to rank your blog for your important keywords, but each individual blog post also has the opportunity to rank for your keywords so a semi-broad and focused search engine optimization strategy for your blog is highly recommended.

A company blog is one of the most important SEO tools that you have. If you do not feel comfortable writing your blog yourself, hire a blog writer or SEO company to write your blog for you. Look at it as a marketing tool.