GotVmail is now Grasshopper?

Ok, when I first heard the new name I was a little thrown off. (Yes, I know our company name is LeapGo!). We’ve been using gotvmail for a few years now and have been extremely happy. GotVmail is our phone system and 800 number provider. When you call us, you can choose the appropriate extension and get hooked up to the right person to help you. They do this by routing you to the correct ring-to number so whether we’re working from the office, field, or even home we’re sure to get your call. (And we didn’t have to spend our clients money on a huge PBX system.) Working with them has been great. They aways seemed to embrace the small business and understand the importance of not just presenting yourself professionally, but keeping it simple and reliable. So, when I got this announcement about Grasshopper, before I even got past the subject line I got nervous. Then, when I read it was just a brand change, I got a great idea of how our clients felt during our recent name change. Acetoneinie I’m glad I took the time to reassure them of our commitments, and make it clear to our many clients, of whom we’ve formed a very personal relationship with, that there was no ownership change. Dimitrovo . That’s just what this email did for me. Nedighalomen But then they took it one step further. They produced a video that was so amazing, so inspirational it made me stop what I was doing and write this blog post about it. Only time will tell if there will be any difference in service or reliability but for the time being I’m comfortable with the change, and inspired by the new brand. So, congratulations Grasshopper, we wish you the best and feel confident you are still committed to the entrepreneurial spirit that drives the world.