Google Local Or Google Places?

Google, just yesterday, changed the name of its Google Local Business center to Google Places. Forget asking why. A better question is, “Why now?”

I think I might have an answer. They’re trying to stay one step ahead of Bing. But let’s forget about Bing for now.

If you have not claimed your business in Google Local then you might want to do that right now. There’s no telling how long it will be free to claim your business in Google Places. But the new name does have some new features along with it. Check these out:

  • You can claim your service areas and hide your physical address.
  • For $25, if you live in certain cities, you can add tags to your profile.
  • You can add photos as well.
  • Get customized QR codes.
  • Join Favorite Places
  • And update your Place page with real-time updates.

You’ve got to admit, some of those features are quite nice. And when you consider that one out of five search queries are local, it makes sense to claim your business with Google Places.

In fact, now is a good time to start your local search marketing planning and make your local business shine.