Gadgets And Widgets Can Take Your Site To A New Level

There are a variety of ways to make your site stand out from others in your niche, but the best time to think about it is before you start building your site. You should think about gadgets and widgets in the Web development planning stage, long before you start building your site.

There are two ways to employ gadgets or widgets with your website.

  1. You can create your own gadget or widget
  2. You can use a gadget or widget someone else created

Both of these have their advantages. Let’s tackle using someone else’s gadget first.

The benefits of using embedded gadgets on your website:

The most important thing you need to think about when deciding whether to use someone else’s created gadget is the copyright or trademark issue. You have to get permission if you are going to use someone else’s product.

Many gadgets are open source and permission is implied. If you use a service like Google Gadgets then the permission has already been granted. One benefit to doing this is you don’t have to spend time or resources developing something that someone else already has on the market.

Unfortunately, you will not be getting much SEO benefit out of it since most gadgets operate using a JavaScript, iframe or combination of the two. Search engines don’t crawl these scripts so you are limited in a certain sense.

Another drawback to using someone else’s gadget is that you usually are providing a link back to their website. If the gadget was created by a competitor then you are benefiting them. That’s not to say you shouldn’t use this method for your website development plan, but if you do make sure that your site visitors are benefiting from the use of the gadget.

The benefits of creating your own gadgets:

Creating your own gadget might be the best way to go. You can often get SEO benefit as you can host your gadget on your own server. With the right scripting you can pull the gadget into your website using Web development techniques that provide some SEO benefit. For instance, the gadget can built directly into your website much like forms, audio and video or opt-in scripts.

Another benefit is the marketing and link building aspect of gadget creation. By offering your gadgets for use to other webmasters you can encourage links back to your website. Every time a webmaster uses your gadget on his site you get a link back. That can often also lead to increased traffic on your website.

Gadgets Are A Great Web Development Tool

There are many ways to go about increasing the value that your website has for your visitors. Gadget creation is one of those. By employing gadgets and widgets on your website you tell your visitors that you want to provide value for them. They will love you for it.