Facebook Launches Updated Comment Platform

On Tue, Mar 01, 2011: Facebook announced that this year it is going to offer a new platform to their social interface. There are some aspects to this new plug-in that many have taken notice of.

The Pros

Now, Facebook users can enjoy this feature of the comments platform. Business owners will find this to be really beneficial to them in reaching farther with their target audience. This is great for any business because users have an option to post to their wall if they wish when they leave a comment. Much like the interface on other social platforms, the plug-in will allow a widespread audience with fewer clicks or action. That’s awesome if they’re spreading good news and reviews about your product.

The Cons

The obvious cons of this are that the users can also post negative information about a business when they choose to post to their walls. If the posting user has many people following them, it could be potentially devastating to the business. Like a sorority on high drive, this Facebook plug-in could devastate anyone. If you have a good product you have nothing to worry about. If you have a bad product though, you are going to be potentially put out of business by this.

Is this a good thing?

Who knows if this is a good thing? The users will be able to spread news faster. They will ultimately have a stronger voice on anything that a business creates and shares to their Face book page. If you have issues though, you can hide them no more. What are your thoughts?

Interface and Use

The interface and ease of use of this plug-in is really great. You click on the options that will now become available and enjoy the social whirlwind that Facebook is so famous for. Reach a huge audience in no time flat as you post what you think about anything that you see.

One of the many benefits of this plug-in is that you can see many things through Facebook and post and comment in no time. If you are logged in then you are able to enjoy this with a few simple clicks here and there and a comment or two being posted. For anyone working in social media marketing, this could potentially be a goldmine.


The best feature of this plug-in is the comment syncing that happens when you post. It is useful because it really organizes the comments in a manner that is far more efficient than ever before. Now you can enjoy the organization that is relevant thread post. That is very useful to business today. All you have to do is keep the product great and your little fans will post happy posts all over the web for your business. While many say that it can be a great thing, some feel that the interface needs some tweaking. One thing is for sure, Facebook is making improvements to their social interface and it will continue to maintain rank in the social media field. How big of an impact do you think this will have? We would love to hear your comments.