Effective Web Development Starts With A Light Bulb

Web development is not like web design. The designer takes a concept and produces an effective and attractive web design using graphics, code and text. A web development professional takes an idea and builds an e-commerce plan around that idea. It involves web design, but it’s so much more.

When you get an idea for a Web-based business – that is, when the light bulb goes on – you have in your mind an image of success. That success may or may not look like the finished product once your website is built. Chances are, it won’t. The web developer will have to take your idea and turn it into a practical solution for a successful e-commerce business. That takes some real communication and vision. Not just anyone can do it.

A web designer is like a carpenter. He can take a blueprint and make a house of it – or, in this case, a website. A web developer is more like an architect. He builds the blueprint from which the house is made and sees it through to completion.

When you are ready to build a successful e-commerce business and not just a fancy website, call a web development professional. That’s the surest way to know that your light bulb stays lit.