Do your doors lead to your professional website or brick walls?

Don’t you hate it when you open a door only to find a brick wall? Of course you don’t. That’s because builders make sure that every door leads somewhere.

Twitter, linkedIn, Facebook, Plaxo, Ning, Youtube, the list could go on forever. All these sites use some sort of networking and allow you to set up some sort of a profile and link to your professional website. Some more detailed than others, but you get the idea. When is the last time you’ve updated your Facebook status? Maybe today? But what about that one site you found months, or even years ago? We’ve all found a site that looked somewhat interesting, set up a quick profile, and then came to realize we’re not going to use the site. If you made that decision, you need to either make sure your information is up to date, or remove the information alltogether.

See, recently while working with a client we were setting up a profile page for him. While waiting, we did some searches looking for information. We came upon a few sites that had his info, but with bad contact information and descriptions about a previous business he was involved in. These are no help, and in fact may even hurt. What if a potential client was looking to contact him and found a number that was disconnected? Would they keep searching? Maybe….Maybe not.

Everyone always talks about doorways, funnels, whatever you want to call it with a focus on creating as many as you can. But, if your doorways lead to brick walls how many will it take before your client leaves the building? Stay focused and keep on top of your social media and networking profiles.