Creating the Perfect Plan For Redesigning Your Website

Are you considering a website redesign? This free, downloadable whitepaper was created just for you! After reading you’ll be confident that you’re redesigning your site for the right reasons, know what to watch out for and what to consider during the planning process. Included with every topic are key considerations and action items! This isn’t just a book of theories, it’s loaded with things you can do right now!

Here are just a few topics this ebook will cover:

  1. Proper planning and important considerations for a website redesign

  2. How to “take inventory” of your current on-site and off-site assets

  3. How to redesign your home page for maximum effect

  4. The importance and how to develop a content strategy

  5. How to develop your landing pages for more conversions

This whitepaper is full of actionable information! At every section we give you “key considerations” and “action items”! This isn’t just another best practices whitepaper!

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