Creating Buzz is Overrated

First, my take on ‘creating buzz’, ‘brand recognition’ or whatever you want to call it for a new business, brand name, or product is usually the same no matter what the case…forget it.

What I mean is this, let’s say you’ve got a new offering or business. The mistake most business owners make is they take the nearest ‘outbound’ marketing avenue (direct mail, newspaper, radio, etc) and start shouting the business name as loud as possible to anyone and everyone. However, what they should be doing is going where the buyers already are. By using ‘inbound’ marketing (blog writing, social media, search engine marketing, etc) and being there when people are actually looking you can get new customers who will help you create the brand recognition you want. This is why when blog writing and social media marketing are combined the effects are tremendous. The blogging gets you that quick fix of fast search engine rankings while the social media allows the snowball effect of engaging & interacting with people constantly to start building. Before you know it, you have a nice book of clients who are spreading the message for you. “Branding” is the most over-hyped misunderstood marketing term I know of. It’s not about how many people have heard of your business, it’s how many people love your business and would recommend it to a friend. I’d take a handful of the later over a bucket full of the former any day 🙂

Ok, there’s my rant for the day. I’d recommend you engage in blogging, then social media, then paid search, in that order. What’s your take?