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Court Products Inc. has been a preferred YMCA vendor providing branded apparel & merchandise since 1974.


Court Products Inc. came to LeapGo like many of our clients do; already deep into an ecommerce platform (in this case it was Bigcommerce) and feeling stuck.  The biggest issue was with the product order page. Court Products, Inc. isn’t in business to sell 1 thing at a time.  Their customers, the YMCA’s across america, needed to place bulk orders for staff apparel, merchandise and more. Bigcommerce, like many ecommerce software was lacking when it came to wholesale and bulk ordering. Before talking to LeapGo, other agencies they spoke to stated what they wanted simply wasn’t possible with Bigcommerce.

Court Products Inc. needed a solution that:

  • Was able to be implemented into their current Bigcommerce site – so they didn’t have to migrate platforms.
  • Allowed customers to place orders for multiple size and color variations of one product from a single page.
  • Didn’t “break” with future updates of the Bigcommerce platform.


LeapGo has been a Bigcommerce developer since 2009. We know what is and isn’t possible with Bigcommerce and our solution was a custom product grid embeded right on the product details page.  We implemented this solution using custom coding, but also leveraging as much of the Bigcommerce platform as possible.  No external API’s or 3rd party servers were needed ensuring a fast loading, fully integrated solution never before seen on a Bigcommerce store.  We also implemented the ability for Court Products Inc. to turn on or off the product grid for any products in their store to ensure full compatibility with their entire product offering.


The screenshot below speaks for itself:

We can add functionality to Bigcommerce sites that nobody else has!

The product grid loads fast and has increased sales tremendously!

To view the Bigcommerce product grid in action, visit

From The Client

“Hi Don,

The site is still working flawlessly after a few Bigcommerce updates. Thanks for checking! I have a few things to share with you since implementing the product grid:

– Sales are up at least 4x more (dollars wise) than before the work you did on our site!

– The product grid has helped reduce our customer service load so much!! We used to take 85% of our orders over the phone because the website was so cumbersome.  Now, even with the huge increase in sales, we are 50/50 and still growing as our customers realize how much easier it is to order online.  Our staff is loving this and we’ve been so much more productive. This has also cut down on shipping errors, address errors, all kinds.

– The product grid has made all of the above possible.  Being a wholesaler, this whole process was really daunting.  No ecommerce software offered it as a standard feature so the next step was trying to contact a third party to customize Bigcommerce.  You guys were by the far the fastest to respond and easiest to understand and work with.  Everyone else said “no” or “maybe” or just didn’t take the time to understand our needs like LeapGo. Plus, it came off exactly as I had envisioned and was just a huge relief that we could have exactly what we wanted on our website.

– We have heard people say things like ‘It’s such a relief to have this quicker and easier order method.’  ‘I love how easy it is to order now.’  I’ve actually heard from a few California, Alaska, and Hawaii YMCAs that were very glad we incorporated the grid so that they could place orders online at more normal hours for themselves instead of having to call early in their mornings when they may not be as prepared since the old online ordering was cumbersome. The same reasoning has led us to a higher number of online weekend orders, when our offices are closed.  I’m sure that if it wasn’t for the product grid, many of those orders would not be placed on the weekend and the sale would have been lost completely.

Thanks again, the site is great and I can’t recommend LeapGo enough!”

– Danny Stetson
Vice President