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8 Steps to Create More Actionable Content

One of the primary goals of any type of content you create should be to get the reader to take action when they reach the end. We always talk about the number of shares and backlinks when judging successful content. But part of that involves creating genuinely useful content in the first place. And that often...
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A Well-Designed Website can Boost Your Sales: Here’s How

Can a well-designed website really help to boost your sales? Absolutely. Websites are not just something that you need because every other business has one (although that is often why many businesses seem to want one). Websites have a specific function. If you sell products directly from an e-commerce website, your site’s design plays a fundamental role...
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How Your PPC Can Benefit from the Personal Touch

Personalization is becoming more important in all aspects of online marketing. No longer are internet users surprised to see products following them around the web in the form of ads, and personalized emails are the norm.  And people want this. They want companies to serve up content that is related to their own...

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Five Tips for Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software for your Business

It’s an almost utopian vision for over-stretched staff and marketers.  Marketing automation software promises to do the “heavy lifting” for you – not only reducing your workload but also transforming the tedious (but extremely important) routine of new business acquisition into a sophisticated and highly effective process that will happen automatically.

The concept...

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Why Truly Great Web Design Should Be Invisible

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.”

That's a well-known quote from graphic designer Joe Sparano, and it is as relevant today as it was when he first made it.  What he meant by this is that design should not be a distraction, but should instead always provide a function—and this...

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