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Don’t Rely on Google: Top Traffic Sources Other than Search

SEO is one of the major traffic sources for any business operating online—that probably includes your business as well.   But we all know about the risk of keeping all your eggs in one basket. That would be a big mistake, especially in the world of online marketing.   Sure, search traffic is amazing. Generating targeted visitors specifically looking...
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8 Steps to Create More Actionable Content

One of the primary goals of any type of content you create should be to get the reader to take action when they reach the end. We always talk about the number of shares and backlinks when judging successful content. But part of that involves creating genuinely useful content in the first place. And that often...
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How to Nail Your Explainer Video First Time

Explainer videos are big right now. You've probably visited countless websites where the first thing you see (apart from an enormous pop-up) is an animated video. Why are they so popular? A few reasons:
  • They convey complex information in a simple format.
  • They are visually engaging for new visitors.
  • Visitors get a good feel for your...
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5 Signs that Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

There’s nothing worse than investing in a digital marketing strategy, spending hours of time in setting everything up … and then finding out a few months down the road that it just isn't paying off.   You have three options:  
  1. Keep going and hope something will change
  2. Quit
  3. Change your strategy
  Most marketers understand that digital marketing is all...
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10 Digital Marketing Mistakes that Kill Conversions

Whether you're selling physical products, building an email list, or encouraging people to sign up for your free trial, conversions matter. But could you be unwittingly making common mistakes that affect your conversion rates? Here are 10 mistakes you can easily avoid to send conversions soaring.
  1. Having a Slow Website

Having a slow website is one...
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25 Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

Digital marketing is essential for almost any business with an online presence. We all know that. The problem comes with choosing the right channels on which to spend your marketing bucks.  Rather than wasting your money on techniques that don't work, here are 25 of the best online marketing strategies that you can use today...
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Digital Marketing Changes for This Year and Beyond

One thing for certain about digital marketing is this: It never stays still for long. Techniques that until recently worked quite well suddenly become redundant … while new techniques come along that you only seem to find out about once everyone else is experiencing success with them. Digital marketing is all about staying ahead of the curve...
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What is Social Proof & How Can It Increase Conversions?

Social proof is something you encounter every day—and it probably affects your decisions more than you realize. It is a powerful psychological phenomenon where people base their own opinions and actions on those of others. Let's say you see a long queue outside a restaurant or nightclub when you visit a new city. Your immediate assumption is...
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What is Cohesive Branding and Why Is it Important?

Many people think that branding goes no further than coming up with a cool logo. But there is so much more to it than that. These days, successful businesses that want to stand out from the competition must not only create a strong brand, but they must also take a cohesive approach to their branding. Here's a...
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