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How to Set Up a Winning Autoresponder Series from Scratch

Email autoresponders have long been the online marketer’s primary weapon. To this day, despite all the other platforms available to communicate with prospects and customers, email remains the most popular—and effective—marketing tool. Rarely will you find a marketer without an email list. Indeed, of the biggest regrets marketers have, the most common, is not starting to build...
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Email Marketing is Alive and Well in 2017

We've talked about email marketing a lot before, and that's because it's still one of the most effective marketing techniques for companies of all sizes. Times change, and email marketing has to move with the times. But even with all the new developments in the world of digital marketing, email is still very much alive and...
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The Killer Content Marketing Outline

So you want to leverage the power of content marketing to position your company as an authority in your market? Smart move. Properly done, there is hardly any better method we know for attracting and retaining high-quality clients. Over time, a well-managed content marketing strategy will start to build a steady stream of pre-qualified clients that...
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How to Double Your Email Open Rate

Remember the old story about how most mail gets opened over the waste bin? Anything that looks like junk mail goes straight out with the rest of the rubbish, unopened and unseen. Nowadays, it’s mainly electronic mail we’re processing. And you can bet that as soon as your email goes out to your subscribers, you have...
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