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WordPress Plugins: 10 of the Best for Your Site

We love WordPress, and you probably do too. It's not the only platform we work with, but it's certainly up there among the best. You might already use a number of plugins on your site, but there are some that we regularly recommend to our clients when we start working with them. New plugins come out all...
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How To Prevent Your Blog From Growing Mold

Have you ever clicked on the “Blog” or “Latest News” section of a website that you are browsing, only to see the last post is dated “August 2012”?  Not very impressive, is it?  Abandoned blogs make me shiver. It’s a depressing sight, like an old, once-beautiful airliner that has been carelessly...
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Business Blogging Works: The Proof is in the Data

Marketing has traditionally been perceived as a “smoke and mirrors” concept whose ROI can be difficult to define. But modern online analytics has made it easier than ever to enjoy clear, revealing marketing metrics — and those numbers definitely support the value of blogging. If you’ve been on the fence about the potential for your blog to generate leads and boost your business, you’ll want to take a close look at the facts and figures that back it up.

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