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Google Phantom III: A New Mystery Algorithm Update Arrives

Rumors started circling towards the end of November that something was going on with Google's search algorithms.  Rankings were being affected to an unusual degree, various websites experienced increases or drops in traffic, and whispers of a new algorithm update started to spread.  But there was no word from Google.  It's now become clear that...
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Heatmaps: Get an X-Ray View of Visitor Behavior

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the key ways that we help our clients here are LeapGo, and I discussed tactics you can employ to boost conversions in a recent post. If you're a regular reader, you'll know that we recommend A/B testing to increase conversions on individual web pages. Testing is the way...
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What does Influencer Marketing Mean for Your Business?

Once upon a time, marketing departments engaged in a titanic struggle to influence their target audiences. Today, however, members of those target audiences are influencing each other -- and the results can pay enormous dividends for your online marketing. Let's examine the amazing phenomenon known as influencer marketing, with an eye toward how you can...
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4 Tips for Rejuvenating a Dying PPC Campaign

Is your PPC campaign draining your marketing budget without generating revenue? Too many business let a PPC campaign stand pat on the grounds that "it worked last year" or "it's been profitable before." Past strategies don't necessarily guarantee present or future success -- so let's look at three things you can do to breathe new...
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How We Convert Goals Into Trackable Reporting

What are your business goals for next year? Plan to improve your digital marketing, channel distribution, sales revenue, prospect leads, or market share? Great, but how do you know if you’re meeting or exceeding that goal? A goal is only as good as the reporting that goes into it. If you can’t accurately track your goal,...
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The Danger of Average

Did you know that on average your Facebook posts reach only 16% of your Facebook fans? Source Or that the average business email has an open rate of 20.68% and a click rate of 3.18%? Source Or that B2B websites convert an average 1.6% of search traffic leads? Source I bet you probably saw one...
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How Important Is Market Analysis?

Businesses have been performing market analyses since they've learned there were specific segments of a market that they wanted to target. Online businesses also perform market analyses, but it's usually done in a slightly different way.

A market analysis for an online business consists of searching for the right keywords to target so that your content...

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