Can Web Content Generate Its Own Traffic?

Anyone who has done business online and who has performed adequate experiments with search engine optimization knows at least two things about on-page website content:

  • It generates its own benefits
  • The more of you have, the better

Those might look like strange bits of information, but all it takes is a little taste of the pudding and you’ll understand what they mean. Let’s cover them one by one.

SEO Generates Its Own Benefits (Including Traffic)

SEO has lots of benefits and traffic generation is just one of them. If you want to know whether or not search engine optimization alone can generate traffic then commit yourself to a little experiment. Buy a domain name and commit to adding one page to that domain name a day for an entire year. Do nothing else.

Well, do one more thing besides. Create one inbound link – from somewhere (otherwise, it will never crawled).

Make sure that your domain covers a single topic, or niche. Use each page on your website to create subniche-specific content that is optimized for one key phrase. Put together a logical internal linking structure and navigation system and keep adding pages daily – for one year. At the end of the year you’ll see that your website has grown in traffic steadily.

Now, do it for another year. Just add pages and do nothing else. You’ll find that you’ll get web pages ranked for specific long-tail key phrases and that they generate traffic. All it takes is one inbound link to get your website crawled and indexed. Beyond that, SEO generates its own benefits.

The More You Have, The Better

If you just build one page to your website with an inbound link pointing to it and do nothing else, you’ll be disappointed. You’ve got to add content. That’s why blogs are so effective. They update your website every time you post to them.

The reason new content is so important is because every time you add a page of content to your website you are inviting the search engines back to re-crawl your site and re-index your pages, possibly even re-ranking them. And that’s why the more content you can get on your website that is optimized well can generate traffic that generates more traffic.

So What About Link Building?

So what about link building? Does it work?


None of this is to say that building inbound links to your website isn’t a good thing. It’s simply an illustration of two simple truths: SEO generates its own benefits and the more content pages you have on your website the better. Everything else is gravy.