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WordPress Plugins: 10 of the Best for Your Site

We love WordPress, and you probably do too. It's not the only platform we work with, but it's certainly up there among the best. You might already use a number of plugins on your site, but there are some that we regularly recommend to our clients when we start working with them. New plugins come out all...
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How To Rank First and STILL Be Unprofitable

You've done it! You've reached the number-one spot in the search engines for your main keywords. You're consistently ranking highly, and your traffic is through the roof. Now you can sit back and watch those sales rack up. Only … nothing's happening. What’s going on? You've missed a vital ingredient in your SEO campaign: User intent. Without focusing on user...
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Landing Page Videos: Worth the Effort or Waste of Time?

Are landing page videos worth it? Like everything with landing pages, it all depends. Sometimes videos on your landing pages may be able to boost conversions; other times they won't. As always, you'll have to test them out to know for certain in your situation. But they are certainly worth testing, and videos could well help to boost...
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SISU Guard Wins BigCommerce Design Award

We are delighted to report that one of our clients, SISU Guard, has won a design award from BigCommerce! You're probably not a stranger to BigCommerce. As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, it is used by thousands of businesses large and small all over the world. Many of our clients run their websites on the platform...
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