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Top Ecommerce Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

At LeapGo, it’s our job to stay on top of the latest trends in ecommerce web design. Many of our clients run large stores on Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento, and for them staying ahead of the competition is the key to making more sales and growing their businesses. If you run an ecommerce store, a website that...
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How to Set Up a Winning Autoresponder Series from Scratch

Email autoresponders have long been the online marketer’s primary weapon. To this day, despite all the other platforms available to communicate with prospects and customers, email remains the most popular—and effective—marketing tool. Rarely will you find a marketer without an email list. Indeed, of the biggest regrets marketers have, the most common, is not starting to build...
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Don’t Rely on Google: Top Traffic Sources Other than Search

SEO is one of the major traffic sources for any business operating online—that probably includes your business as well.   But we all know about the risk of keeping all your eggs in one basket. That would be a big mistake, especially in the world of online marketing.   Sure, search traffic is amazing. Generating targeted visitors specifically looking...
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8 Steps to Create More Actionable Content

One of the primary goals of any type of content you create should be to get the reader to take action when they reach the end. We always talk about the number of shares and backlinks when judging successful content. But part of that involves creating genuinely useful content in the first place. And that often...
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How to Nail Your Explainer Video First Time

Explainer videos are big right now. You've probably visited countless websites where the first thing you see (apart from an enormous pop-up) is an animated video. Why are they so popular? A few reasons:
  • They convey complex information in a simple format.
  • They are visually engaging for new visitors.
  • Visitors get a good feel for your...
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5 Signs that Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Not Working

There’s nothing worse than investing in a digital marketing strategy, spending hours of time in setting everything up … and then finding out a few months down the road that it just isn't paying off.   You have three options:  
  1. Keep going and hope something will change
  2. Quit
  3. Change your strategy
  Most marketers understand that digital marketing is all...
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A Well-Designed Website can Boost Your Sales: Here’s How

Can a well-designed website really help to boost your sales? Absolutely. Websites are not just something that you need because every other business has one (although that is often why many businesses seem to want one). Websites have a specific function. If you sell products directly from an e-commerce website, your site’s design plays a fundamental role...
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