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7 Marketing Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Some marketing mistakes are so common that they are made by experienced marketers and newbies alike. It doesn't matter whether you have been marketing for days, weeks, or years, you could still be making mistakes that harm your performance. I could have included dozens of mistakes here that I see on a daily...

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4 SEO Tactics that Work Every Time

So you want to rank better in the search engines. Who doesn't? Better rankings, more targeted traffic, more conversions—what's not to like? But what if your current SEO efforts are not working? Even experienced marketers struggle sometimes. Here are four tactics that we use here at LeapGo that have a very high return on...

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How Your PPC Can Benefit from the Personal Touch

Personalization is becoming more important in all aspects of online marketing. No longer are internet users surprised to see products following them around the web in the form of ads, and personalized emails are the norm.  And people want this. They want companies to serve up content that is related to their own...

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Five Tips for Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Software for your Business

It’s an almost utopian vision for over-stretched staff and marketers.  Marketing automation software promises to do the “heavy lifting” for you – not only reducing your workload but also transforming the tedious (but extremely important) routine of new business acquisition into a sophisticated and highly effective process that will happen automatically.

The concept...

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4 SEO Tools Your Business Cannot Live Without

Keeping on top of the constantly-changing world of SEO can make even the most experienced marketer feel like a white-water rafter at times. There are so many metrics to measure and monitor, so many strategies that can be deployed – it’s understandable that clients often come to us for advice to stay ahead.

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